Colors of the Wind (Part 2)

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Josh and Tyler don't let go of one another at school. They're attached to the hip, touching, touching, touching during choir, and culinary, and every other elective they have together. At lunch, they're together, again, sitting under a tree like they usually do. Tyler let's Josh draw him, like he usually does, and it's good.

Though, Josh is quiet. So, so quiet.

And Tyler knows why.

The purple bandana has been staring back at him all day. It's not a bad thing, of course not, he's just aware of all that it holds.

When Josh is purple, she's quiet. Not so much because of choice, but because she's insecure. She doesn't want to talk in case someone else might respond, say something that rubs her the wrong way, make her feel self-conscious about her voice.

Tyler knows, he always knows.

Purple is sensitivity.

At the thought, he slowly moves from his frozen position-- in order for Josh to draw him well enough-- and grabs her wrist, pressing a kiss to it.

"When we get to mine, think I can just hold you?" He whispers.

The breeze is gentle like Josh's eyes. She looks down at his hand, takes into account his touch, and huffs out a breath from comfort. Her nod is careful.

"Good. I never wanna let you go." He smiles, deciding to lay down on his back, head in Josh's lap.

For some reason, despite all of the chaos surrounding them-- freshman playing football in the quad, clubs selling snacks in front of the cafeteria, lunch guards shouting for the younger kids to pick up their food from the ground-- neither of notice any of it. They're in their own little world, where the glint in Josh's eyes is a song, and Tyler's fingers intertwining with hers is the chorus.

"I've been thinking," Josh finally starts. Her voice is frail, tentative.

Tyler looks up at her. "Yeah?"

A shaky sigh. He can feel her hand become tighter around his. "Just, uh," Josh looks left, right, feeling paranoid of any ears. She looks back down at Tyler, Adam's apple bobbing-- he probably shouldn't have noticed that. "About what you said last night."

Tyler blinks. "Which part?"

There's a pause.

Pure anxiety.

Tyler brings her hand up to his mouth and kisses each knuckle. "Babe, you can tell me--"

"I want to buy a dress." She gets out.

He blinks, again.

"I know you do." Tyler replies. They've talked about this countless times, and the reason it has yet to happen falls back onto one thing. "I told you, you can keep it at my house so your family can't find it."

Josh sighs. "Yeah."

Tyler sits up a little, moving his head out from her lap when a lunch guard comes around. They get scolded constantly for how touchy they are, and it's never from kissing, or anything provocative, it's as simple as having his head in her lap. Stupid, really. Tyler would even say it's discrimination because it never happens to anyone else, but that's for another time.

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