Colors of the Wind (Part 1)

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Josh came to most of Tyler's basketball games, sitting in the back of the bleachers as moral support because they weren't going to push any further. They didn't have anyone to sit with, but it's alright, because they'd much rather focus on their boyfriend, anyways.

They'd often bring a sketch pad to draw on to keep themself busy during the time being, tucked away in the very corner of all the seats. Josh's muse plays in front of them, every second giving another motive to move their hand across paper. Tyler did that to them. Tyler inspired them.

He may not be the team captain, but he's definitely one of the best on the court.

Or maybe Josh is just bias.

His team was winning 6-4, and by the time it was over, it was 16-8.

The gym is full of cheering as always. Players run out to their families for praise, and Tyler runs to Josh for the same thing. The latter comes down after tucking the sketches into their messenger bag, meeting Tyler at the bottom of the bleachers. He wraps his arms around their waist, lifting them up from the ground; tight, loving, strong.

"Good job," Josh whispers into the crook of his neck, running their fingers over his shaved head.

"You're our good luck charm." He tells them.

Josh rolls their eyes and gives him a playful slap on the arm once Tyler sets them down. "Shut up."

He shrugs. "It's true."

Josh brushes it off and instead fiddles with the strap of their bag, watching Tyler's teammates walk over to them. They're all smiling ear-to-ear, arms around each other's waists and shoulders. Everyone is also very, very sweaty.

"Joseph!" One of them yells.

Tyler turns around to face them, eyebrows lifted. "What's up?"

"Get change, we're going to Denny's." His name is Dallon. "Matthew's paying."

Tyler purses his lips at the information, body leaning towards Josh as an indication to everyone. Dallon seems to understand, looking down at them before back to Tyler. "Josh too. Come on."

"Uh, yeah. Okay. Meet you there." He doesn't have to ask which Denny's because they always go to the same one every time after winning. A celebration between the team and their family, friends, and lovers. It's nice. Needed.

Once everyone walks away and the gym starts to clear out, Tyler looks down at Josh's wrist momentarily to see a green bandana around it. Confirmation. He pulls them close and rests his head onto their shoulder, huffing, letting loose. He doesn't hold them like Josh does, he lets his arms dangle.

He's exhausted.

"That's okay, right?" Tyler mutters. "Going to Denny's."

Josh nods, pecking his cheek. "Free food is always alright with me."

Tyler chuckles. He stands up straight again, grabbing their hand. "I have to shower, I'm not going drenched in sweat."

"Can I come?" Josh smiles a little.

So does Tyler. He nods, leading them into the locker room and sitting them down on one of the benches beside the showers once he grabs a towel. Really, Josh shouldn't be in here. Only the basketball players are allowed, but Tyler doesn't care enough.

Josh sits back with one knee pulled to their chest. Watching Tyler undress isn't anything new, it's actually casual for the two of them. He sheds his skin more often than not, and Josh gets to enjoy every second of it. They watch him pull down his shorts and briefs, and expose the subtle dip at his waist once taking off his basketball jersey. The shower runs and so does Josh's mind, but they don't make any move to act upon it; their imagination is just fine.

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