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Originally, I only expected this to be a small thing I was writing for fun, but it turned into something much bigger than that. I believe my writing has definitely become more therapeutic than it used to, and so while reading this, I can only hope you feel safe and welcomed. In case you worry that you have no one, or no one is there, it isn't true. I'm here whenever you need me; please don't forget that!

Now, I want to state that Josh is gender-fluid in this, meaning throughout the entire thing, the pronouns aren't always going to be the same. Sometimes it's he/him, sometimes it's they/them, and sometimes it's she/her.

If that makes you uncomfortable, please leave now, I don't want any toxicity where something is supposed to feel safe.

Josh's character when it comes to their identity is inspired by one of my close friends who is gender-fluid, so if you feel as though it may be inaccurate in some way, just know there is someone I'm close to who experiences these things, as well as my own struggles when it comes to identity. It's different for everyone, definitely, and I hope that's something you can understand.

With that, I'll let you read now.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to support me. Even if it's a silent read, it warms my heart.

Love, Seven.



- Anxiety/anxiety attacks/panic attacks.
- Some misgendering.
- Sex.

Word count: 25,000

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