Chapter 38

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I want to cry as I awake from the abyss of black I feel like I've been bathed in. My head is pounding in my skull, like a rockstar beating out an infinite drum solo, the pain continuous. I must have eaten a bag of sand last night because that's the only explanation for the feeling in my mouth. Don't even get me started on how bad my stomach is rolling. This feels way worse than any hangover I've ever had in my life.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

My bare breasts slide against the silk sheets as I sit up and I already know where I'm at before I take a look around. My eyes hurt when I finally get the strength to open them, thankfully Nixon must have closed the curtains before we passed out last night because the only light coming in the room is from the open door of his en suite.

I squint over at the other side of the bed and have to rub my eyes to believe what I'm seeing. A naked Nixon, which I expected, and a naked blonde girl, which I obviously didn't expect.

Did I have a threesome?

I gasp for breath, fully panicking, grabbing at my chest.

A sigh leaves the girls mouth as she shifts a little under the duvet. Oh my god, I can remember Nixon lightly pushing our heads together and making out with her while on his lap. His hand squeezing my hip, his lips on my neck.

That's it I'm never drinking again, I don't care what anyone says, no more alcohol because obviously this has gotten way out of hand.

Maybe I should go see a therapist?

My clothes are no where to be found as I frantically race around the room as quiet as possible, so I steal one of Nixon's hoodies and a pair of his sweat pants. I shove one of his beanies on my head and practically sprint out of his room. There's a naked guy and girl passed out on the couch when I walk into the living room. I try to ignore them as I find my shoes and purse by the couch and step into the elevator. I slip my shoes on while getting an Uber on my phone, all before the elevator arrives in the lobby.

The world tilts and my stomach lurches, rebelling against the contents I consumed last night. I grip the wall in terror that I may just vomit in the flashy lobby of Nixon's apartment building. With a few deep breaths the feeling fades away.

When I enter my dorm I do just as I had the first time. I take a shower and scrub my body until it's pink. I hadn't even entered Nixon's bathroom to look at myself this time but luckily he didn't tattoo my body with his mouth like he had previously. I get dressed and take a seat on my bed, finally checking the various messages on my phone. I have multiple from Taylor, Kelis, and Seth saying to call them and about a million missed calls from all of them and my father, which is not a good sign. I quickly call Taylor back with shaky fingers and press the phone to my ear.

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