Chapter 9 - Last

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With a racing heartbeat, breathing heavily, Naina looks up at Rajveer slowly.


She whispers


He asks intensely

She slowly tries to free herself from his strong grip, but in vain. Today, he is not ready to let her go. In the process to free herself, her bangles chimes causing Rajveer to fall in love with her even more!

"Rajveer choriye.."

She pleads sweetly

Smiling at her innocent, he asks,


Taking a deep breath out of nervousness, she says, rather whispers,

"Kyun kya? Bus choriye..."

When she doesn't get a reply from him neither any movement, lowering her eyes, she looks both ways and continues,

"Rajveer hum mere ghar ke bahir hain..Agar kisi ne dekh lia toh?"

Smirking, moving his lips near her ears, naughtily, he asks,

"Toh tumhe koi problem nahi agar koi na dekhe toh?"

A huge blush creeps on her face along with a wide smile! She slowly looks up at him and with her eyes, asks him to kindly stop teasing her.

Hitting him slightly on his chest, out of blush she says,

"Rajveer please..."

He laughs a little throwing his head back. Naina smiles too with him. Looking back at her, he says,

"Naina please keh do na jo mein sunna chahta hun"

Her heartbeat picks up pace. Uh Uh ACP Shekhawat, she won't confess so easily.

Smirking at him, she says,

"Kya kehna hai? I don't know what you're talking about ACP sahab"

Saying so, she winks at him. His grip looses around her and this give her a perfect chance to get out of his grip, which she does within seconds and distances herself from him.

He smirks!

Advancing towards her naughtily, he says,

"Toh tum nahi kahogi, haina?"

Staring him throughout, turning her head into negative slowly and with a blush , she says,


Taking a pause, she challenges him,

"Police wale toh aap hain hi aur sach nikalwana aapko achay se aata hai toh agar himmat hai aap mein toh ugalwa lijiye mujhse wo sach jo aap sunna chahte hain"

He smiles all the more.

"Are you challenging me Naina?"

He asks, smirking.


She replies

Taking a step towards her, staring her, he says romantically,

"Ek baar aur soch lo Naina, mein kabhi koi challenge nahi harta"

Giving him a tough stare, she replies,

"Woh toh waqt hi batayega"

He doesn't utter a word and silently walks towards her with a smirk prominent on his face. As she sees him coming towards her, her heartbeat starts racing faster than a marathon and unknowingly, she again starts moving backwards. And soon, he traps her between his car and himself, blocking her way from both the sides so she won't have any way to escape from the situation.

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