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A large building that has small, yet clean cells while few prisoners are heading inside and few officers with slacks of papers are engrossed with their work as they sit at their desks quietly.

A constable walks inside and heads towards a main desk of the police station.

Saluting the person ahead of him, the constable informs,

"Sir, wo phir se bhaag gayi"

As the person listens to these words, his head turns upside down.


He yells as he throws the file across the room. His eyes reveals nothing but anger.

Out of rage, walking towards his desk, opening a drawer, he takes out a piece of photo ID. Staring at it with full anger, he speaks while his other hand turns into a fist.

"Tum itni asani se bach ke nahi ja sakti mujhse. Ye panchwi baar bhaagi ho tum and I will make sure ke is baar tum bhaagna toh kya, yahan se bahir pawn na rakh sako"

Taking out a gun, he whispers sternly,

"I will find you soon and I promise you that!!"

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