Chapter 1

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Her heart is beating fast. She isn't able to stop feeling that she is being watched, constantly. She shivers as the wind starts blowing at great speed. Suddenly, she hears a loud noise of a bullet being fired.

Whipping around, what she sees makes her heart to skip a beat. Standing in front of her is the same man whom she has been running away from, approximately five times. She freezes in her spot - too scared to know what exactly to do next.

After a second, she tries to put herself together, ready to run, yet again. Turning her back towards him, she begins to run as fast as her legs can carry her but what she doesn't know is that she is stuck. She cannot run from him anymore.

After running for ten minutes straight, she collides with the same figure whom she has been running away from. She looks up at him out of breath and finds him staring at her with a smirk. His smirk tells her how badly she is stuck this time.

She looks around and finds herself being stuck as the police officers circles around her. She looks back at him while fear is evident on her face.

Taking a step closer to her, pointing his index finger towards himself, he says,

"Tumhe kya laga ke tum ACP Rajveer Singh Shekhawat se bhaagh sakti ho?"

Taking out a handcuff, Rajveer says,

"You're under arrest Miss Naina Singh Ahluwalia"

As Naina hears these words, a shiver goes down her spine out of fear. She gets ready to run once again but as he had already calculated her move, he throws the handcuffs to one of the lady officers and yells,

"Tackle her and arrest her immediately"

In no time, Naina is stuck, her hands handcuffed while the lady officers are on both of her sides.

Staring her out of anger, Rajveer stands near her.

"Tumhe apne bachav mein kuch kehna hai?"

He asks, staring directly in her eyes.

No emotions are evident on Naina's face as she stares at him quietly.

Her silence is frustrating him all the more. Since the first time he arrested her, he hasn't heard a single word from her mouth.

"Fine...tumhe chup rehna hai toh raho"

He spits these words at her angrily and continues further,

"Sado jail mein..."

He waits for her reply but she doesn't utter a single word. Her lips don't say anything but her eyes speak volumes. Her eyes clearly reveals her innocence to him but as they say "Kanoon andha hota hai". He cannot just let her go based upon what her eyes reveal. He has proofs against her which clearly proves that she is a criminal.

Damn this girl. She isn't ready to utter a single word. No one can help her if she doesn't help herself.

He looses his temper.

Looking at the lady officers, he commands,

"Le chaliye inhe"

Saying so, Rajveer heads towards his jeep while the other officers follow him with Naina. They get her to sit in the jeep and they head towards the police station.

˚ ˚ ˚ ˚

Naina gets taken in an interrogation room by the lady officers.

"Idhar baith ja. ACP Rajveer ko tujhse kuch baatein karni hain"

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