Chapter 7

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Days passes by and Rajveer gets busy with his work. But not a single second goes by when he doesn't think about Naina. As the days passes by, his feelings towards her grows all the more, he starts missing her even more! He gets desperate to see her - to talk to her, to hear her beautiful voice, to lose himself in her beautiful hazel eyes! He realises that he is finally in love!

As for Naina, she is sailing in the same boat as Rajveer. Her feelings for him grows all the more. She has resumed her work at the coffee shop, but she feels as if her life is meaningless without Rajveer. Although she only met him few days ago but she feels as if they are connected deeply! Is she in love?

Through a friend of hers, she manages to get his number somehow!

After a tiring day, Naina returns home. After she freshens up, she makes her way towards the kitchen when a thought crosses her mind - should she dial his number? Her own heart skips a beat at her desperation to speak to him.

With a racing heartbeat, she slowly picks up her phone and dials his number.

Tring Tring!

As the ring goes through, her heartbeat picks up pace. And soon, she hears the voice that she has been longing to hear.


She shuts her eyes out of extreme happiness.

On the other side of the phone, he waits for a reply but upon getting no reply, he says again,

"Hello, kaun?"

Naina opens her eyes immediately. She realises that she cannot remain silent but she doesn't know what to say, how to start a conversation.

With a lot of courage, she manages to say,


Her voice comes out like a whisper, leading his heart to skip a beat. Rajveer, who was sitting on his bed, gets up immediately and widens his eyes! His cheeks turns crimson red out of blush. He knows exactly who the person is on the other side of the phone.

With extreme happiness, he whispers,


She remains silent and enjoys listening to her own name from his mouth.

He knows she won't speak anything - he knows her!

He controls his emotions and initiates the conversation, smiling,

"Hi Naina!"

A smile also stretches on Naina's face along with a blush.

"Hi Rajveer"

She replies blushing and with joy!

"Kaisi ho tum?"

He asks politely.

"Bilkul theek..aur aap?"

She asks sweetly.

He smiles with his full heart and replies,

"Mein bhi bilkul theek..."

Just then, a thought crosses his mind - how did she get his number? His heartbeat picks up pace upon realising what the reason might be behind getting his number - does she also desire to speak to him? A smile stretches on his face. He realises he needs to take the next step.

Smiling, he says,

"Naina, ek baat pochun?"


She replies casually and sweetly!

Smirking, he asks,

"As long as I remember maine tumhe apna number nahi dia toh tumhe mera number kaise mila?"

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