Chapter 2

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Tears starts to stream down Naina's face as she utters these words. Her condition cannot be described in words. She is totally broken - mentally and physically. She has zero strength left. This is the reason she has ran away five times - she did not want to disclose her getting raped. This is the reason she has taken the offence of Rahul Mehra's murder so no one can find out what happened to her. Or is there another reason?

She stares at him with painful eyes. The flashbacks of her rape starts to come in front of her eyes. By every passing second, she falls weak. She starts shaking badly.

He is helpless at this moment. He can do nothing but feel sorrow for her because of his police duty. She is a suspect of a murder case. Laws and his duty has tied him, leading him not to do anything other than help her within the circles of law.

Staring at him with teary eyes, she whispers,

"Mujhse mera sab kuch chhinn gayya"

Her words hurts him all the more. He cannot even imagine what she must be going through.

He takes a step towards her in order to console her.

"Nahi Naina..."

He says, his voice getting softer.

Smirking sarcastically, she utters,

"Toh kya farak parhta hai ke mein jail mein rahun ya bahir. Meri zindagi ka ab koi mathlab nahi"

Her voice breaks completely by the time she completes her words. He stares in her eyes with pain. He wants to go to her, hug her and let her cry and let her take her pain out. Unfortunately, he cannot do that. His police duty doesn't allow him. He wants to tell her that he is there for her. He cannot understand what the pain she is going through is like because in order to feel that, he needs to feel the same pain. But he understands that the pain she is going through is much more than he can even imagine.

He starts to notice the sudden change in her body posture and before he knows it, she is now on the ground, unconscious.


He shouts, rushing towards her.

He stares at her and for the first time notices her carefully. At this moment, she looks like a fish that has been out of water for days. He notices her puffed eyes which is a result of crying from days. From her body, he can clearly tell that she lost so much weight.

He slowly kneels down in front of an unconscious Naina and his gaze falls on a tear that's on her cheek. Unknowingly, he extends his hand towards her face to wipe the tear away but soon, he stops, realising what he is doing. And then, his gaze falls on the same bite mark on her neck.

Anger surges through him and his hands turns into fists automatically. Unable to control himself, he shuts his eyes.

"Jis ne bhi tumhare sath ye kiya hai...I swear I won't spare that bastard"

He mumbles, his voice reflecting his anger.

Opening back his eyes, he stares at her, yet again. Grabbing her dupatta, he slowly covers her neck and chest area properly.

He knows that she needs medical treatment at this moment. Slowly and carefully, he picks up Naina in his arms like a flower.

He stares at her face again.

"Mein tumse aur apne aapse waada karta hun Naina ke tumhara sath mein apni akhri saans tak dunga..tumhein insaaf main dila kar rahunga"

His own words shocks him. What does he mean by 'tumhara sath mein apni akhri saans tak dunga'?

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