Chapter: 41

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Jin: you really want to know?

Y/N: yes..

Jin: full story?

Y/N: yeah sure.

Jin: *sighs* this is gonna take a while...

Jin: so.. you know that they are also vampires right?

Y/N: yes.

Jin: well and you also know that they are slightly different from us, like with those green eyes.

You nod.

Jin: okay so.. long ago they lived with us.. and many other vampires.

Jin: and we made a decision. That we would stop attacking humans for blood.. because otherwise people would go after us and all those things..

Jin: but those seven others. They couldn't hold back anymore.

Jin: they wanted to go out and hunt. But we stopped them.

Jin: at first they said "fine we'll stay here then" and they never tried to go out anymore.

Jin: but all the others in the house. Disappeared one by one.

Jin: we began to look for where they had all gone.

Jin: we were the only ones left in this whole castle.

Jin: we found the others then. They were in the room of the others.

Jin: all dead.

Jin: they had drunk them empty, and when a vampire drinks from another vampire it makes them go insane.

Jin: we... tried our best to stop them.

Jin: but we failed..

Jin: the only thing I could do to stop them.

Jin: was to sacrifice my powers.

Y/N: powers?

Jin: yeah.. if you didn't notice yet, those other seven.. they all have a power.. the only one I knew for sure was hypnosis or something..

Jin: anyway so I sacrificed my power and that made them being locked up in that mirror.

Jin: and the others.. they were wounded pretty bad... so with the last thing I had left of my power I made them forget what happened... that there were ever other people here.

Then rm came walking in.

Rm: what are you two talking about?

Jin: nothing..

Rm: mm okay then.. I'm going to sleep now.. good night.

Jin: I'm going too I guess..

Jin: you sleep here Y/N.. I don't know if you can make it like this to your room..

Y/N: sure...

Jin and Rm walked away/upstairs.

You began to eat of the tray that Jin putted here earlier.

Y/N: hmm I still wonder.... is it really over...?

???: is what over?

You turned around.

It was a shadow..

With green eyes.

You fell off the couch.

You still couldn't stand on your own.

???: whoa whoa take it easy there haha.

Y/N: what do you want?

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