Chapter: 20

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Suga was dragging you by the wrist.

Y/N: Suga wait.

Suga: why wait.? Your bleeding.


Suga dragged you into a room and grabbed some bandages.

Suga: show me your wound.

You showed both of your hands.

Suga brought his head very close to your hands.

He then licked the blood.

You quickly took your hands back.

Suga: what..? Aren't I aloud to taste? It's a waste if I didn't do that.

You wanted to say something but he grabbed your hands again.

Suga: fine have it your way.

He grabbed the bandage and putted it around both your hands.

Y/N: thank you....

Suga: it's the least I could do..

Y/N: but who was that lion?

Suga: *sighs* you really want to know?

Y/N: yeah..

Suga: it's..

Just that moment Jimin walked in.

Jimin: ow hey what are you two doing here?

Suga: I was treating Y/N her wounds.

Jimin: aw did little girl get hurt?

Suga: she didn't get hurt on her own.

Jimin: mm oke but it's none of my business I guess...

Jimin grabbed something out of a box and walked away.

Suga: anyway... as I was saying it is V.

Y/N: why would V want to kill me?

Suga: he is not like trying to kill you... he is just playing.. he is still young.

Y/N: yeah I heard all about those three being protective and wild of Jin.

Suga: mm okay.... well anyway you shouldn't be all scared of him now tho... that way he will only enjoy it more... just act like you always did okay?

Y/N: yeah sure..

Just that moment Suga pushed you behind a couch.

Me putted his finger to his mouth telling you to stay quiet.

You were behind the couch and you heard someone walk in.

Suga walked away from you, probably to the person.

???: hey.
Suga: what do you want now?

???: geez can't you be nice for once?

Suga: not to you.

???: your face looks frightened....are you hiding something? Or perhaps someone?

Suga: why would I be hiding someone?

???: you know why.

You saw a mirror on the ground and it was on the perfect place so you could see Suga and the other person.

You saw a mirror on the ground and it was on the perfect place so you could see Suga and the other person

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It was V?!!

But his eyes... they are different...

They're green?!

Suga: you don't belong in this house so go back.

V: aww.... your no fun.

Suga: you know I can recognize it don't you?

V: mph damn you...

He then walked out of the room.

Suga locked the door behind the person and walked to you.

Suga: did he see you?

Y/N: no I think not...

Y/N: but... ehh what was that all about?  Why were you being like that to V?

Suga: it's not V....

Y/N: wait what? But I just saw him.

Suga: it's still not V..

Nya don't know what to say... only... HAPPY NEW YEAR💜💜💜

And I hope you will all have a great 2019.

And maybe some of you have ideas.

And I'm gonna mix another group in this ff so you can all decide (boy groups only)

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