Chapter: 15

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Author: okay people I have something to say real quick, I know that I say many times next morning when she literally just woke up a chapter before that.
But I am a very lazy person as you all may know so I don't really know how to fill in the rest of the day the whole time.
I hope you all understand what I mean. Now back to the story. (And yes it's the next morning then😹)

You woke up next morning and you saw the bunny from yesterday laying in front of you.

You stroke it softly with your hand.

Y/N: well good morning little bunny, still following me around I see.

The bunny had his eyes closed so it was probably sleeping.

You got up from bed and tried not to wake up the bunny.

You looked out of the window..

Then suddenly someone hugged you from behind.

???: good morning Y/N~

You turned your head around.

It was V.

Y/N: good morning V,.. ehh...Why are you in my room?

V: I was looking for Jungkook but I couldn't find him, and then I saw your door gone so I decided to pay a little visit~

V: now can I have breakfast?

He laid his head on your shoulder.

It wasn't even for a few seconds or you heard something smash against his head.

he let go of you and he turned around.

You also turned around to look what happened.

The bunny was sitting on top of V's was and was scratching and biting in his head.

V: get off of me!!!

V tried to grab the bunny off his head but the bunny bit his hands.

Y/N: *thinks* how can a vampire lose to a small bunny like that?

You laughed quietly but no one noticed because V was yelling too much.

Finally the bunny stopped biting and scratching him, he jumped on the ground and then jumped into your arms.

V: so you have your little warrior to protect you?

V: I thought you didn't like her..?~

V glared at the bunny with a smirk.

He then walked out of the room.

You looked at the bunny.

It was not looking at you.. it was staring at you finger.

He then suddenly out of nowhere bit you.

You looked at your finger and it was bleeding a little.

The bunny brought his head closer to the small wound and you could feel it's small mouth on your skin.

Y/N: *thinks* I guess it's one of them.. otherwise the bunny wouldn't drink blood.

Y/N: which one of them are you?

The bunny looked at you confused.

Y/N: J-Hope?.............maybe V?

Y/N: *thinks* I could be V maybe but at the same time he couldn't possibly be him.. he was here and the bunny attacked him..

The bunny then sorta smirked.

Bunny: wrong...

You got scared of the bunny suddenly speaking.

The bunny suddenly turned into something..

No not something... someone.

It became too heavy for you and you fell to the ground. You landed on your back and something heavy fell on you.

You looked at the person..

Jungkook: you got a lot of nerve to drop me like that

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Jungkook: you got a lot of nerve to drop me like that...

Y/N: ..s..s..Sorry?

Jungkook: yeah you better be.

He got off of you and stood up.

He then grabbed your shoulder and pulled you up.

Jungkook: how do you intend to make it up to me?

Y/N: wha- well.. I.. Don't kno-

Before you could finish your sentence he pushed you down on your bed.

He smirked.

Jungkook: I already have the perfect idea.

He brought his head closer to your face.

You struggled to get free from his grip, but all attempts failed.

He whispered in your ear.

Jungkook: not so strong anymore I see~

Y/N: *thinks* he was such a cute bunny.... but why was he staying with me all the time...?

Jungkook: I know what your thinking.....

Jungkook: aw.. he was such a cute bunny... why was he staying with me tho?

Jungkook: that's what your thinking isn't it?

You didn't say anything.

Jungkook: I'll just answer it for you then. I was with you for only one reason... I don't want any of them touching you..... I want you to be safe.

Jungkook: no one is aloud to hurt you....

You looked at him straight into his eyes...

You looked at him straight into his eyes

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Jungkook: you don't deserve to be hurt....

Y/N:.... Jungkook.... what's.. wrong...

He flinched and looked at you.

He shook his head and got off of you and ran off.

You wanted to run after him but something was telling you not to.

You touched your cheek.

There were some tears of Jungkook..

Y/N: I wonder why he started crying....

Again not much to say, but only the usual...

Ideas are welcome!! And I need them!!

Have a blessed day 😊

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