Chapter: 14

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You woke up again meeting the ceiling.

(Author: hello my good friend ceiling)

You moved your hand a little but you felt a small ball of fluffyness touching your hand.

You moved your head to see what it was.

It was a small white bunny...

Y/N: *thinks* could it be one of the guys..? Or is it a real animal?

You just ignored it and laid your head back down.

Suddenly you felt the small bunny crawl closer.

It was sitting on your chest.

It looked at you and it was soooooo darn... CUTE!!

You sat up slowly and took the bunny in your arms because otherwise it would fall.

It stared at you with his black eyes and it was so darn cute!!

You stroked it softly.

You took a small look at your wrists and there were bandages.

You got off bed, still with the bunny in your arms.

You placed the bunny carefully on the ground.

It didn't move it just kept looking at you with his glass eyes.

You looked at the door of your room...

It was now open because you had kicked it down.

There was nothing to block people from coming in...

You looked down at the bunny again and it was gone.

You looked around the room and found the bunny on top of your book.

Y/N: hey! Don't touch that!

You rushed to your desk and picked the bunny up and closed the book.

Y/N: your a curious bunny aren't you?

You smiled at the bunny.

You placed the bunny down on the ground again.

You walked outside the room and you bumped into Jimin.

Jimin: hey Y/N have you maybe seen a white bunny?

Y/N: yes I was it. It's inside my room.

You pointed to where you putted the bunny down but it was gone.

Y/N: hmm well that's strange, it was there a few seconds ago.

Jimin: nah it's not a big deal.

He ran off.

Jimin: thanks anyway.

Y/N: no problem...

You walked back in your room.

Y/N: hmm where could've the bunny gone to.

You searched under you bed,in the closet, everywhere.

But no bunny.

Y/N: m I guess it ran off.

You walked downstairs to grab some breakfast.

Once you got downstairs you walked to the kitchen and you opened one of the cabinets.

And there it was sitting.

The bunny was eating out of a package that was opened.

Y/N: there you are.

You picked the bunny up again.

Y/N: JIMIN!! I found your bunny!

You heard him run your way.

He ran toward you and the bunny.

Jimin: ah there you are.

He grabbed the bunny out of your hands.

Jimin: I searched the whole castle and you were here the whole time?, well anyway thank you Y/N.

Y/N: no problem.

The bunny looked annoyed at Jimin.

Jimin walked away with the bunny and you just ate breakfast after that.

Y/N: *thinks* I wonder if the bunny was a animal or one of the guys... well I'll think I'll found out soon enough.

Short chapter don't mind me😹
Can you guess who the bunny is..?
Ideas always welcome like normal and cya all next time💜

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