Short Story

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K this is a short story I came up with about a few minutes ago.

P.S. Don't hate me for killing off a hot cheerleader chick.


4 years can change someone alot. I know for a fact because 4 years ago I was an 8th grade nerd who was constantly picked on. So I decided to change that, as soon as I passed 8th I left that town and moved to my cousin's house. Now I'm back and no one from 8th grade recognizes me so I start fresh with a new attitude. I see tons of girls gushing to each other about my sexiness and some jocks wavin me over to join their group. I ignore them all and make my way to sit by the lone tree in front of the school waiting for the call.

I don't have long to wait before my phone alerts me to its ringing. "Yeah." I answer and recieve my target. You see the 4 years at my cousin's changed me from a nerd to an assassin. I hang up my phone and stand. I notice an emo chick staring at me and I give her my killer smile as I walk over to her. I make sure all around are watching me as I bend low to whisper in her ear, "Never thought I'd change did you Shelly?" I lean back and see the shock on her face as she recognizes me.

"I dont fucking believe it!" She yells out. "No fucking way! You can't be Nick!" I just give her my killer smile again as I turn towards my target. I see Angela, queen of the cheerleaders, gazing at me in sheer disbelief before becoming scared as I pull out my gun. "Sorry girl but I won't get paid til you die." I say and pull the trigger. I watch her eyes widen and dim before she collapses to the ground.

I turn back to Shelly who's staring at me with awe and respect in her eyes and kiss her full on the lips before walking away from all the screaming rich brats. After climbing onto my bike I call out, "The Demon has struck again! Try to catch me if you can!" I rev my bike and roar off just as the principle and SRO rush out the front door.

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