My Dragon Angel

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My Dragon Angel

        My breath catches as I see the sight before me. One word circles in my thoughts as I watch: Fear. My eyes widen as I see my father fall to the floor of the kitchen. The blood welling up from the gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be makes me scream in utter fear. I turn and run as the thing starts towards me. I make it to the front door but before I can grab the knob I’m tackled to the floor from behind. I try to struggle but my attempts just tire me out and just as I feel its lips at my neck……


          I jerk awake and fall to the floor with a squeal that has my whole class laughing at me for screaming like a girl. I look around and blush in embarrassment at being caught sleeping in my history class. I look to the front and see my god of a teacher looking at me with disappointment. “Tyler, you know what happens for sleeping in my class so I’ll see you after school for detention.” I nod my head in understanding as I get off the floor and gather my stuff before I head out the door. Just before I get to my locker my best friend comes out of now where and tackles me to the floor. “Tyler, what the hell happened? I heard your scream from Biology.” I look down and shiver as my mind brings back my dream.

          “Leo, can we talk about this later? I need to get my things for English.” Leo gets off me and helps me stand before he slings his arm around my shoulders. “Was it that dream again?” I only nod as I open my locker and get out my English 3 book. I also take out my lunch box since I have lunch right after English. Leo sniffs the aroma coming from my lunch and whines, “Why am I always suffering with bland food when I have an amazing chef as a best friend?” I laugh and reply, “You never ask me to cook for you and that’s why.”  He snorts and gives me a playful glare before his attention falls onto the girl of his dreams. He quickly gives his hair the bed head look she seems to find adorable on him and calls out, “Liz, you are beautiful.”

          Said girl turns to him and giggles smiling at him for the compliment before she turns back to her friends. I roll my eyes at Leo and give him a small push towards her. “Go for it, Leo; ask her what you’ve been talking about for two years.” He looks at me and clears his throat before he walks over to her. “Um…Liz?” She turns back to him and smiles. He takes a breath and plunges into it. “I’ve liked you for two full years and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend. That is if you’re single.” I hear her friends giggling and Liz blushes a bit before she gives Leo a kiss on the lips. “I’d love to be you’re girlfriend, Leo.” I smile and shake my head and make my way to English. I pass my dream man on the way and nearly walk into an opened door when Mr. Shizuma looks up at me. I blush a bit before I walk around the door and as I head to my class I feel his eyes following me.

I guess now would be the time to introduce myself. My name is Tyler Connors and I’m a junior at Saint Nathaniel High. I am openly bisexual and I have a major crush on my History teacher Mr. Shizuma. I happen to be one of the few people in the school that has perfect grades. I’ve never gotten an ‘F’ or gotten in trouble until today. I stayed up last night watching an alien movie marathon and due to that I fell asleep in his class.

          I sigh and take my seat in my English class. Just as I take out my book I feel eyes on me and I look up and see my worst nightmare staring at me. I don’t want to show any fear but as I watch his eyes I choke and instantly look down praying he won’t come near me. I almost think my prayer came true until I hear him sit down right beside me. I gulp silently when he shifts my chair so I’m closer to him. ‘Please, don’t let him touch me.’ I say this to the greater powers over and over. This time my prayer does come true because just before he can lift his hand the intercom buzzed and the principle’s voice comes on. “Mrs. Rene, I need Tyler Connors to come to my office.” I mentally cheer and do a happy dance as I gather up my things and walk out of the door. I feel my nightmare’s eyes following me no doubt mentally bitching out the principle.

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