Eternal Night (boyxboy)

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  • Dedicated to Myo Yamanai (Ice Queen has Fallen Hard)

This is my first time posting one of my own stories. I hope whoever reads this likes it. WARNING* not for narrow minded buffoons that expect love to be male/female only.

Eternal Night

Part One

Seishi & Ryuka(yes they are both guys^.^)

Love is even stronger than the need for blood.

What do you think of when you hear the word vampire? Do other words like immortality, eternity, and blood come to mind? Many people think that when they meet my brother, Seishi. They also believe I'm one as well since we're family but I'm not. Seishi doesn't want me to go through the same pain he goes through night after night so he's always protecting me from other vampires. I remember this one time he told me 'Ryuka, sometimes I envy you.' Seishi looked at me that time and I thought I saw something in his eyes that was different, but then he'd look away and continue what he is saying. 'I envy you because you're still able to drink water and sit out in the sun.'

Seishi wasn't always a vampire. He was made into one by a strange guy a week ago. I remember the night he was turned as clearly as if it was yesterday. Seishi came home and fell onto the couch and didn't move an inch until I got home from my school. I remember that night because I had detention for being late to 5th period. Anyways I walked into the house and saw Seishi just now sitting up. I saw how pale he was and ran to him worried that he might be sick. I kneeled by him and almost ran when Seishi looked at me. I remember feeling weird when Seishi pulled me onto the couch and laid his head on my lap. I remember him saying it'll be different now.

I always wonder now if he's been trying to find a way to be human again because he's been reading books nonstop since he was turned. He is even now in his room pacing as he thinks of a way to become human again. I hear the pacing from my room and I look up thinking, 'Will he ever just accept his new life and move on?' I still want to hit him for what he made me promise. He said to me last night, "Ryuka, promise me if I start to look at you with bloodlust kill me." I did promise but I'm pretty sure I won't since we've been together for as long as I can remember.

"Ryuka! Where are you!?" I hear Seishi calling for me and I close my eyes tighter hoping he won't find me though I know he will. It's been three years since he was turned and now he's changed. I'm hiding from him now because of the way he was looking at me earlier tonight. Normally his eyes show only affection but tonight there was something that shouldn't be in them. He's my brother but tonight he gazed at me like I was something else. Even with my eyes closed I see that look and I finally know what it is. Seishi was looking at me like I was his lover.

I hear him getting closer and I just curl up on my side knowing its no use to run since he'd use my scent to find me. I feel him near me now. "Ryuka." I open my eyes and look up at him. It's as I feared Seishi's eyes still have that look. I sit up as he sits down by me. A few moments of silence pass before he speaks. "Ryuka, why did you run from me? You know I'd never hurt you." As he speaks I feel safe but confused as well. I always feel safe with Seishi, but his gaze makes me feel strange. I can't look at him anymore so I turn my gaze to the moon. "Ryuka?" Even though I want to look at him I don't; instead I say the thought I never meant to say. "Seishi, why do you look at me like that?" The words are out before I can stop them. I get up and quickly say, "Forget that." I start to walk away but Seishi stops me.

Before I can say anything Seishi wraps his arms around me and kisses my lips. I'm shocked and yet I feel as though this is where I belong. When the kiss is over Seishi says, "I never meant for you to find out this way, Ryuka, but you should know the truth." Seishi holds me close for a few moments then steps away and sits on a nearby bench. He looks up at me and begins telling me the truth he's kept locked into his heart for a long time.

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