Creation of a Soul Reaper

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A/N: This one is a tad on the mature side so beware.


A light in the never ending darkness appears before the eyes of the twenty-four year old male. The sudden brightness causes the male to flinch and shield his dark blue eyes. “You have a choice.” A voice echoes from around the male making him look in all directions for its source. “A choice?” The male is startled by how his voice sounds as though it has not been used for years. The light brightens even more and then dims suddenly to reveal a foreign landscape. The male’s widened eyes take in his surroundings with astonishment. “What is this place?”

          The landscape seems to be very odd to the male as he notices that the sky above him is a pale red and the greenery is dark purple. The sound of rushing water draws his attention to a near by river and he nearly screams in terror at seeing that the water is littered with dead bodies. “Feel no sympathy for them, young one, for they deserve none.” The voice from before speaks from beside him making the male look to his left. His eyes widen even more if that is possible as he sees the most beautiful being in his life. Wings drape around the being like a cloak the feathers appearing to be dark blue in color. His eyes take in the beings outfit as the wings stretch out to find that it is light blue leather. The boots stop at the middle of the calf and from there to mid-thigh is nothing but unblemished skin. The being’s shorts have a slit on each outer thigh and the shirt has a hole in the shape of a diamond from the middle of the chest to below the naval. A choker of navy blue silk is clasped around the being’s neck it’s charm resembling a scythe.

The male slowly takes in the being’s face noticing the lips are painted sky blue. The blue eyeliner draws the male’s attention to the beings eyes to be captured by dark silver eyes and he feels himself drown in them. The male is so lost in the beings eyes he does not notice that the eyes’ owner had gotten closer until he felt a pressure on his shoulder. Blinking to regain his focus the male turned his gaze to the side so he would not be tempted to gaze into those eyes again. The being laughs lightly at the male’s slight blush. “You are not the first to get lost in my eyes, young one.” The male inclines his head to show he’s listening. “Now as I said before you have a choice to make.”

The being grabs the male’s hand and leads him away from the horrifying river. The male notices that the being’s hand is soft, and the touch he receives is gentle. After a few moments the mention of a choice finally seeps into his thoughts and again makes him curious. “Choice?” The being simply nods before the male finds himself pushed down onto a soft bed. The male looks around before his attention is drawn back to the being that has straddled his hips. He finally takes notice that this being has short and spiky pale blue hair that seems to flutter even in the light breeze passing through the strands. “Um, I don’t mean anything by this but who are you and what are you?” The male asks as he feels a hand slip under his shirt. The being chuckles before answering, “I am known as Tallon and I am a soul reaper or angel of darkness.” The male nearly squeaks as his shirt is ripped off of him. “So…what’s this choice I have to make?” The male asks as he watches Tallon pulling off his pants and gulps as he sees that his boxers were also taken off with his pants.

Tallon looks over the body below him with appreciation before he looks back up into the dark blue eyes of his master’s chosen warrior. “Your choice is simple. Become a soul reaper like me or return to the darkness that swallowed you upon your death.” The male’s eyes take on a slight glaze as a memory pops into his head a memory of how he died and why he was killed. Tallon takes pity on the man and leans over to pleasure the man in his mental pain. At the feel of heated moisture the male shakes the memories from his head and looks down to see Tallon sucking on his cock. The male closes his eyes and relaxes into the feeling of pleasure.

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