Ch.1 The Dragon Head Feud

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~~~~Six Years Earlier~~~~

Day 6 of the Dragon Head Feud.

Gun shots.

That was the only sound that filled the dark streets of Yokohama. It's midnight, making this battle officially 144 hours.

This is nothing, I've seen longer battles. But judging from this feud, this will be the messiest in history. There's organizations fighting each other all over the pace.

"Young Miss!"

One of my boss' subordinates rushes to my side.

"Our men have took out most of the enemies in this area. What is your order?"

I look up at the man with no emotion in my face.

"I'm representing the Port Mafia as all the executives and candidates get together to plan with the Boss. My orders were to push the enemies back. So we will procced to do that. We'll move to the next area."

"Yes, Miss! Listen up!"

The man walks away as he orders the others. A second later, my cell phone rings. I look at the caller ID. I answer it quickly.


"Ah, Ori-chan~. How's everything going?" Dazai's voice chirps through the phone.

"Going according to plan. I've covered eight areas and now moving on to another."

"In six days? That's quite an impressive dog you have." a voice, I don't recognize, speaks.

"It's impressive that she can fight for six days straight at all." another speaks.

"Um, Dazai-san?"

"Oh, sorry about that, Ori-chan. As you know, I'm at the meeting with Boss. All the executives and candidates are here as well. You're currently on speaker."

"I understand."

"Shiori, can you give me a quick report on the enemies? Like, who's dead and who's left to deal with. I know you're busy, but you're the only one out there leading our men at the moment." Boss speaks.

"Of course, Boss. We-"

I was cut off by a huge explosion. Half of my men went flying in random directions. The enemy must have placed a bomb.

"Shiori? What's going on?" Dazai asked in a serious tone.

He's in executive mode now.

"The enemy planted a secret landmine. Half our men are injured. I can still press through-"

I'm cut off again by deafening screams. I quickly take cover behind a pile of rubble. We're being gunned down.

Where did the enemy come from? I checked the area out myself minutes ago. This is a problem.

"Shiori!" I hear Chuuya's worried voice.

"I'm fine. A new enemy has appeared. I don't know who they are. Never seen them before."

"Listen to me, pull back. You can't attack without knowing your enemy. You'll die quicker that way."

"Chuuya~, Ori-chan listens to me. And I say, stay and learn about our enemies." Dazai speaks in a cheerful tone.

"What?! She can't! She'll either die or get captured. You wouldn't want that to happen to your assistant now, would you?"

"Boys, let the young lady decide." Boss' voice says.

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