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In reality, life is encased within its own formality, occasions of factual truths we see with our eyes. The world we breed in makes us use assets that compose us to believe in wealth.

We dream and live in terminologies that can not be figured out by just a naked look. These items of principalities lead us on a path of wreckage or opposite, appreciation.

These nomenclatures of society aspects--which we believe--give us our first bicycle, our first kiss, and our first confrontation with an enemy.

The above covetousness is musts that humans encounter during decades of vigor imprisonment.

Conversely, what if there was another world besides the one which we hold dear and love? Four dimensions are inside a cube shape, and each dimension is plighted in its own place or noted lines.

These cubes fill with smaller cubes or living organisms. If we take a look inside of a plant's anatomy, we can figure out through science that the smallest cube of life is a cell.

This ideal of biology is voiced and fulfilled with the unique track record of our scientific methods. Our scientist can distinguish smaller worlds within us and many other worlds beyond them.

However, one social circle, in contrast, keeps well-overseeing itself in the convictions of our minds. The power of the soul is occasionally explained as supernatural.

In mathematics or physics the share of a space or object is informally determined as the smallest number of dictums necessary to indicate each level within it. Thus a line has a ratio of one because only one order is needed to identify a point. However, what if the points are not necessarily straight and they are bent into circular or inert patterns?

Most cubes of life are explained without edges, and the edges are not fringed together even though a figment of an edge scopes inside itself. We think of the supernatural worlds when we comprehend other universes this way.

We have to go somewhere when we die. Nevertheless, this is not suavity which holds authentic behavior. I"m going to tell you of another dimension that stacks its bodies as fast as it piles its resources. Dimension 360 is a verse where people are similar but not necessarily like us. They live like us, but they have an abundance of prosperity.

Imagine a place that is 50 times the Earth size. Its massiveness counteracts each season. When it circles the sun, it rotates on its axis only once every five human decades, meaning that summers are long and bright, and winters are cold and dark.

Half of the planet is full of ice and the other half of it is bless with vegetation and animal migration. This world is eight-billion-light-years away from planet Earth, which has similar life forms.

Just like Earth, water, trees, mysterious creatures, and humans are on its surface. However, because technology can not advance more than what earthlings had in the Middle-Ages when there was an abundant outfit of royal families. We tend to forget how brutal humans will fight for power, respect, and wealth.

We begin our quest in a newly built town-hall. Unknown people group together resettling on the other side of the planet. Some of them protest because they need nourishment. The winter has finished and spring time is on its way.

The people must capture as many resources as they possibly can, well, before the wars commence. More colonies like theirs are being brought to bed on their planet.

These wars can last for the entire summer. There is no limit on how big a kingdom can get because if the population doesn't relocate when the winter comes, the city will be incased in ice for decades and the people will die from starvation.

Even the sea creatures change direction overtime because of the seas freezing over and their natural habitats are lost in hoarfrost and ice. They consider each race as barbaric, and the kingdoms, not in alliance, could be brutal rivals.

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