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Hero Leith falls to a knee. Tears stream from his tear ducts. All the years Leith has been in the Camelot army, none of his men ever saw him break down like that. Ten enemy soldiers are captured in a circle. The swordsmen and warriors from the Marks and Camelot Kingdoms hold their weapons in a guarded position stapling the remaining Barbarians back-to-back. The Camelot lieutenant gets impatient. He wants to know what to do with the P.O.W's.


"What would you like us to do with these prisoners? We don't have the time and resources to hold them here all winter."

Hero Leith is a wreck. Lord J. Martin and his men recognize something is misconceiving about the situation. Moonlight ghost into the foggy darkness. In a daze, Leith hears soldier armor clinging together. He stands headless as his headless father. Trampling toward their direction, some of the Mark's army has lost their way through the forest.


"Sir! Wake up out of your trance. We need to know what to do with these prisoners."

This is the second time the lieutenant asked. Still the Hero doesn't reply. With a heart lost in the millions of miles of forest in all directions--for a second--Leith slowly awakens from out of a vacated slumber. He casually says,


"Kill them. Kill them all."

It's his specialty to slaughter his adversaries, but this time he doesn't raise-up. He kneels toward his dead father's body. If any of them could grasp the despondency of the circumstance, they would probably back off with the tension and let him exhale. Right now, he can only inhale.

This man, who he has decapitated, was plagiarizing the traveling kingdoms, taking whatever resources that he could plunder, and leaving much death in his path. However, this is Minaera, and these miniature thefts have been provoked by all Kingdoms before him. Once assets and food run out, you would have to find something else to feed your hungry armies.

Who did the Hero have to murder to stop these petty crimes? All the men in his father's regime bow their heads down to Cogan. The strange Language used between Cogan and Leith surprised most of Cogan's soldiers because Cogan usually speaks with terrible broken English. His language was lost a few years back when the last elder--from the lost barbarian kingdom--died of natural causes. Ever since then Cogan stayed on a time-consuming journey searching for his long begotten son. After he stopped searching, he began filling himself with the evils of a deluded world. Before Cogan originated on his unforgiving path, he was always recalled as a kind hearted person. Even the Camelots were baffled when they heard the hero speaking in his native tongue.

In this world, there are no such things as last words. One of the Barbarians looks up at the Lieutenant. Moments like this stay shrewd inside a person's dreams forever. The last thing the man will ever see is a chop from the Lieutenant's sword going toward the center of his forehead splitting it in half. Within seconds the others are minced into pieces with axes and swords.

With all the commotion going on, a person would believe that the hero would be getting in on some of the action. Even so--just like his father--he has murdered thousands of men in the good name of the Camelot Kingdom, the Kingdom of light.

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