CHAPTER 8 part 3 WHAT HAPPENED A Long Day Dream

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The Confinement Massacre


“If anyone of you can explain to me, why I should not kill you all? Please, verbalize your appeal. If you can’t tell me anything, you die. If I don’t like what you have to say, you die. At least you get to plea your case with me. I believe that's a fair exchange. Since, I am king now. I will decide to kill you or not. However, I am not a bad person, so I’ll give you some options on how you should die.”

In confinement by Leith’s father, criminals stand in the icy courtyard. Leith is now the new Lord of Apollo, and he has to clean out the jail before he goes back to Camelot. If not, the prisoners will die of starvation.


“You all are subject to die. However, you will be given some options.”

Leith’s desk is set up like an outdoor admin office. Sitting on the bench where they usually cut up the meat, Leith is behind a desk made from logs. At his right front--further away from the desk standing in a circle--swordsmen with their weapons upholstered are waiting for prisoners to choose their option. Furthermore, these swordsmen are not the friendless chaps.

On the opposite corner near a bunker wall, archers stare at a newly designed shooting gallery; this is probably one of the better options.
What is the most amusing part about this form of entertainment is the hanging galleries in the center of town instantly put together. The hanging gallery is flimsy. Nevertheless, it does an okay job. One prisoner--used as a test subject--lifelessly swings back and forth on the rope. He’s hung like a pig.
Good thing they can't use one torturous element. A big pot of boiling broth feeding the villagers are occupied. Some of the teenagers are administering portions to the people. If a prisoner is let go or joins the Camelot Army, they also get a portion of the broth.


“You’ll be given four choices. One, die-by-hanging. Two, die by getting shot with arrows. The Camelot Archer’s have excellent aim, so you will die quickly. Three, get chopped up into pieces. Four, join my army. It doesn’t pay well, but it’s a good job. You will live a healthy lifestyle until the next battle. And you may die on the battlefield. Send the first candidate.”

The first man comes up to the desk. Chains are on his arms and legs. He is a heavy set guy who appears confused about what’s going on.
The prisoners are well mannered and none of them fight the guards.
The man walks up to the desk by himself. He wears rags, a torn-up shirt, and some pants rotten to shorts.


“Take them off. I don’t want to see anyone in shackles.”

One of Lieth's warriors takes a set of keys out of his pocket and tries all of them until the shackles open.
Adrenaline rushes through the prisoner’s arms. For someone that has been living off rats and rain water for the last decade of his life, he seems to be well-built. The man stands in front of the table and huffs-and-puffs.


“What have you done? Why are you here?”

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