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Around the age of 3 years old, the younger boys play a role playing game with Elizabeth. She is too young to really do anything fun, so she gets to play one of the boring parts. Their mothers are away in the cottages having their afternoon tea. The sun is blazing. The temperature usually doesn't turn cooler until the weather changes direction. The leaves in the forest show their unique bounty.

The lilies in the lake have a soothing smell, which lets off a sensational aroma.

Today Elizabeth is a kidnapped princess. Her cousin plays the part of the Dark Lord. He has five participants on his team. They hide her in their affective kingdom deep in the forest.

Leith and his crew search for her. He also has five members. Instead of staying together they walk through the woods alone; unaware of their surroundings.

One at a time, Leith's crew are picked off and brought to the enemies' terrain. The older boys on the other team are more experienced with this game than Leith's team. They have played it many times before, so they have better tactics.


"Bring me the one they call Leith. I want him to bow, and give me respect. His men should be a witness to his humiliation."

The Evil Lord shakes his wooden sword out to his men.


"I want them all to bow to me. Even if they do or do not, I still want them to be thrown into the lake. Go and find him now."

The Dark Lord yells at his soldiers, who have brought the last of Leith's men into the enemy camp. They jokingly say.


"Yes, my Lord!"

They go into the woods after Leith.

Dispirited, Leith's soldiers sit by a tree with their hands tied behind their backs. The ropes are made from banana tree shavings. One of the boys has a black eye.

Leith watches the Dark Lord's performance, from a distance. He giggles.


(thinking to himself) "Amazing..."

Leith climbed up a tree earlier and gathered all the other boy's weapons before they got captured and hid them in bushes near the Dark Lord's Kingdom. Lying down on the ground, the Evil lord falls to sleep.

When the boys--who are searching for him passes the tree--Leith sit's steadily in his hiding place not making a sound. He decides it's time for him to have a little fun. He climbs down, and goes to some bushes where he hid his soldier's weapons. He retrieves his wooden sword. The weapons are packed tight in a leather bag. He throws the bag across his shoulder being very careful not to make too much noise. It doesn't take him long to get situated. He takes off running toward the Dark Kingdom.


Leith hides the weapons close to the camp. He looks around observing everything. Tip-toeing to his soldiers, Leith hides behind the tree they sit by. He ducks out into the open. The Dark Lord sleeps comfortably.

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