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What Happened During the Battle in the Woods?

The Camelot army has just gotten word to where the enemy's camp is located. Planning another attack, the barbarian's archers take two positions. They shadow on the west side of the mountain top. The field-fighters are in the grove of the forest waiting until the Marks' Kingdom passes.

Just like the people of Camelot, who had to move its people from out of the coldness, Marks Kingdom is in the exact same situation. J. Martin, the Lord of the Marks, is well informed of the battle because of the reports his spies made. What little do the savages know about the jackals pretending to be civilians in their village?

The Barbarian's flabbergasted attack will pivot into destruction. Lord J. Martin has left his people safe in a protected area, 20 miles behind the woods. Only he in his army will meet the Barbarians for battle.

Battle in the Grove

One thousand Barbarians wait for Lord J. Martin to bring his people into the open trench. The valley seems calm. However, what the Barbarians don't understand is that 200 warriors, 400 swordsmen, 230 horsemen, and 300 workers in the Camelot army wait for them to show themselves on the other side of the forest. The Camelots circle them so they won't escape the wrath of the Marks' Army, only a minute now. The Barbarians hear horse trots. The hooligans arm themselves with their weapons. Most of them are dressed in animal furs. Their weapons are made from carved wood and stone. Some of them have rusty homemade swords. The bigger men have large iron axes.

An Archer Roast

Planning to go forward on an attack on the Mark's kingdom, archers from the Barbarian army hide in a secret area at the top of the mountain. The archers are not on their guard today because they believe they are invincible.

What other armies would be insane enough to go into the cold darkness of the mountains? What they have forgotten is that no man is unconquerable. When someone wants their revenge on you then they would go into a simmering hot volcano after it, or if they are desperate enough, they will sacrifice their lives just to get his or her fingernails engulfed into your skin. One hundred Barbarian archers are on the mountain top, but none of them have taken notice of the Camelot Archers lesser than a hundred yards away.

The Barbarians sit in an open area basting under the harbor of the moonlight. The Barbarian-archers have made a terrible mistake. They are in an open space unbarred like human dart boards. Some of them plot on rocks. A few lie on the ground, and others have conversations while they fancy back and forth.

Several of them sleep in woven-blankets. Like the black forest, the mountain range is covered with white, black, and red trees hidden like nightmares, grabbing out to each passenger with their expired branches.

The reason the Camelot Archers have gotten to this point is because of the spies who infiltrated into the Barbarian's village. The wild life is either hibernating, migrated east, or died off because of the cold weather.

A man sitting on a rock rubs his head. A Camelot-archer stalks him. The archer aims a bow toward the man's direction. The man and his friend converse on their day. Well, his friend is talking. The man seems to be tired. The Barbarian-archers are warned out from the long trip up the mountain in the cold weather. The Camelot Archer pulls his cord link, stretching it to shoot further than the distance he has to overcome.

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