In another world; ch 1

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This is my new story. I'm not sure about it yet, but If you like it, please tell me.. I might take it off if no one tells me how they feel about it. Dx Anyway, enjoy for now!(:

I breathed in Vancouver's fresh, yet cold and crisp, clean air. It was 7:00 AM. I regretted my mother's voice in my head. I could remember her screaming at me, "Juliet Willow Hope, if you don't slip on a jacket, you'll catch a cold in a second!" She always snapped her fingers after that. I missed her. I was fifteen, and I lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I loved it here. I lived with my father, and my bratty little sister, who wanted everything. She was fourteen, and we were supposedly twins, but we looked nothing alike. She ditched her brown hair, and dyed it blonde. We were in the same school. We were sisters. We looked nothing alike, though. My brown hair, sticking out from her beautiful, silky blonde hair, that swayed ever so slightly, which got everyones attention. I rolled my eyes, and walked back into my room, from the balcony. My father was supposed to be 'rich', but I really didn't care about that stuff. Sure, my house was huge, but it meant nothing to me. My father wanted to send both my sister and I to a private school. Of course, my sister said yes. But, I willingly declined the offer. I had grown up with the same kids for fifteen years, and I don't think I'd want to leave them.

I sighed, walking over to the bathroom. I slipped out of my green shorts, and my blue sweater. I ran the shower water, and it was freezing. "Shit!" I screeched. My sister used all the hot water again. "Chasity Mae, don't use all the fucking water!" I screamed, and banged against the wall. She just laughed. I hated her.

I lifted my hands to the shower water, and shut my eyes. "Concentrate," I repeated over and over. Now, my fingers moved in an awkward motion. I knew it was working. "Fewwww," A noise the water made. I then put my hand in the water, and it was hot. I smiled. I wasn't quite sure of what I did, but I knew I did something. Like, a power, or something. I stepped into the shower, washing all my worries away, with my, YES, my hot water.

20 minutes later, I sat at dresser. I threw on black skinny jeans, and a gray shirt. I adjusted my tan beanie on my head, and brushed through my straight, yet boring brown hair. I frowned in the mirror, then smiled. I stood up, and made sure to throw on my gray hoodie. "Juliet!" My sister sang, barging into my room. "Get out!" I hissed, and she flipped me off. I smiled, and rolled my eyes. Of course, I loved my sister. It was just, she was annoying some times. She quickly 'borrowed' some of my clothes. Funny thing is, they never got back to me. "No." I stopped her before she left. "Not the shoes, put them down." She had my favorite pair of red vans in her hand. I shook my head disapprovingly. She said, and tried to pout. Almost 5 minutes of pouting, and I gave up. "Fine, but if you don't give them back, I'll hunt you down." She smiled, and said, "Thank you, thank you!" She ran off to her room. From what people say, she's beautiful, and she is. Her perfect curves, her long blonde hair, her piercing relish green eyes, everyone liked her. Sort of the opposite for me. She had a boyfriend, I didn't. I didn't need a guy, I thought. Just trouble.

I picked up my black bag, and slipped on my gray shoes. I looked into the mirror one more time, and lifted my hands. "Concentrate," I repeated, and looked at my hands. My hands were transparent, and looked like the galaxy now. There were stars, and vortexes, and... It was amazing. I didn't know anything about these powers. I got them the day I turned fifteen, which was a while ago. My birthday was November 11. 11/11. I squeezed my eyes shut, and the galaxy that were my hands disappeared. I wasn't sure what I could do. I knew for sure, I could turn things hot. I could move things, Hell, I bet there was more. But, what would I need it for. I rolled my eyes, and turned off the lights. Then, I walked over to the closet, and opened the door. There was a blue light, and I never learned what it meant. I never searched it on the internet, or anything. I didn't want to know. I tried to touch the sphere of light, but it nearly burned my hand off. I winced in pain at the thought, and looked down at the scare. It was shaped on my palm, in a line. Diagonally across my hand. It hurt at first, but then it was even painful when the scar started to burn into my skin. I jumped out of the closet, and closed it shut.

I ran down the stairs, to see my father sitting at the table drinking coffee. "Pops!" I said, and he looked up at me, smiling. "Hey honey." He replied. I walked over to him, and took his cup of coffee, and took a long sip. "Ready for today?" He said. I nodded, and walked over to the stairs. "Chasity, lets go!" My sister then came down the stairs, phone in her hands. "Papa," She said, and gave him a hug, then took the coffee out of my hands. "Love you dad, bye!" I walked over to the door quickly, and started walking down the steps. Our house was nice, but it was too much for me. I sighed, looking back. "Wait!" Chasity ran up to me, wrapping our elbows together.

20 minutes later, we reached the school. Kids talking, walking, some even holding hands. I smiled, because this school was normal. Hopefully, I wasn't the only freak that could do some weird shit with her hands. I wasn't planning on telling anyone, until I needed to. "Chasity!" A buff kid ran up to my sister. "Babe!" She called back, and kissed the guy. I coughed, and then they both looked at me. "I'll be going.." I whispered, and walked away. My sister was a different person around her boyfriend, Zac. He was captain of the football team, and was probably one of the stupidest kids in the school. He had a low IQ, and wasn't very useful. I quickly walked to the entrance bumping into someone, hard.

"Ow!" I said. I looked up, to see a kid. Not just A kid, the kid. My enemy since 3rd grade. I smirked up to him now. "Watch it." He said, and smiled down to me. I rolled my eyes, and pushed past him. He then grabbed my arm, pulling me back. "Hey, where's the apology?" He said, and his british accent was adorable. "Ryan, I will never apologize to you. You should already know that." I pushed past him, hearing him laugh. I smiled.

Ryan has been my best friend, yet worst enemy, for a long time. We both hated each other with a passion, but deep down, he knew he had a place in my heart. He's not your type, I thought. He's out of your league, I whispered, over and over. Mainly cause it was the truth. I quickly put in my locker combination, but it wouldn't budge. I tried again, and I cursed under my breath. Then, A hand smacked away mine that was still trying to get the stupid locker open. I looked over, to see Chasity - Mae. She smiled up at me. "Life saver." I whispered, and she giggled, flipping the locker open, as if it was easy as learning her ABC's.


Hi (:

This is the first chapter.

Just some info about the characters that were mainly mentioned.

Juliet Hope - 15

Likes: The simple things in life.

Enjoys drawing, playing the guitar,

piano, playing volleyball, soccer, and singing.

Can be mean, awkward, or even a bitch at times.

Quiet, reserved girl. Insomniac.

Chasity - Mae Hope (Or just Chasity) - 14

Likes: Cheer leading, playing soccer,

dancing. Likes expensive things, boyfriends,

and being a flirt. Can be a nice girl at times.

Related to Juliet.

Popular, loved girl.

Ryan Valentine - 16

Likes: Baseball, soccer, playing the guitar

and drums.

Bipolar at times.

Mysterious kid.

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