10: Tune

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"Come with me." the undeniably handsome stranger pulls my hand along gently, leading me out of the cafeteria. Somehow- his voice enticed me to obey immediately; there was something about his cold demeanour that demanded total obedience. He brings me to the Music Room; the place known amongst students as an isolated area. Unlocking the door with a click, he pulls me towards the grand piano- before trapping me with his arms. My body was pressed against the edge of the piano, rendered unable to move.

"That tune."  He stares me down with cold, alluring eyes. "Where is it from?"

His words stun me for a moment. It wasn't everyday a hot man pushed you against a piano; but I wasn't complaining. "I just.....freestyled it." I answered, still in apparent shock.

"Freestyle?"  His eyes widened. "You mean it wasn't from a song?"

I nod flusteredly, still not processing the position we're in. He on the other hand- stared me down like I was an exhibit of a freak show. Disbelief clouded his eyes at my words.

"If its true- that you made it up," he leans closer towards my body. "Then you have some talent."

His lips begin to curve up into a smirk; before finally letting go. My breath hitched when he pulls off his blazer, throwing it aside onto a nearby chair. Damn. He wasn't just hot- he was really hot. And I couldn't help but notice the stunningly milky white skin under his clothes, paired with his formal attire that wrapped around his built torso.

"I'm Min Yoongi."  He tilts his head with a gummy-like smile. "Your music teacher."

"Wait- you're my music teacher?" my eyes almost popped out of my sockets. If it means I get to spend time composing melodies with this man twice a week, it would also mean the nearing of my death- from cardiac arrest.

Yoongi tousles his messily styled hair, before diverting his eyes to the side. "I'll make a song with the melody you did."

"You liked it that much?" A stifled laughter escapes my lips.

"Yeah, and I like you."

My heart stopped for a moment- did he say what I think he said?

"If you're down, we can compose melodies together- and more."  He stares at me with a dark expression, lips curving up into a smirk.

"I-" I couldn't think of a reply. Yoongi's expressions made me realise one very important factor- that they weren't just teachers; they were rugged, hot headed boys full of hormones. The sense of impending danger filled my nerves.

"Now,"  Yoongi pulls my body closer.

"Shall we do it?"

"D-do what?" I questioned, and a chuckle escapes his lips.

"A little training."

With that, he pins me down onto the piano chair; eyes lustful and raging with desire. I felt my body stiffen from the sudden movement, feeling the tension in the air. Yoongi inches closer and closer towards my face, until-

The door swings open.


A/N: I was not lying when I said this is an ot7 fanfic 👀

Also, for those who had a bad week, this song's for you.

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