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Chapter 5

After the meet up with the so called admirer at the park slash kiss stealer slash psycho, I forgot the whole thing..period. I remember that day when he grabbed my arms and kissed me on my lips, the nerve. I thought we're friends, I mean not close buddies coz I treated all the people that I met as friends, yeah I know so trustful with them. But believe me, I keep myself grounded and if possible with my available time I joined them with anything regarding school activites, or social one that I accepted. Cuz I don't want any troubles from any of them, or talked back against me, as much as possible I stay myself as a background.

At that day I went straight home, scared that he will gonna follow me. But thank god he did not. I never thought he will going to kiss me, cuz he is so nerdy, he can't even look at me in the face when I met him at....oh my, where did I saw him? jeez, I forgot. I don't know he can pull that act, and to all people but me.

Goosebumps all over, I washed my face and scrubbed my lips thoroughly. I remember this kind of person is abused by parents or neglected when they are young, became traumatized with the situations, and their mental capability is distorted with the bizzare, chaotic incidents that affects their childhood, in return they gain satisfaction or pleasure by harassing other people that fills their needs emotionally.

Sometimes they pose themselves as a friendly or shy person to others, to gain attention from other individuals.

Wow, that's a great in-depth realization Casey, you are a paranoid freak though. Too much reading murder books. I think I need to distant myself with them, for my own safety.


I never told Martin about the kissing incident, and besides I already forgot his face and I don't even know his name. Maybe If I will look closely to his face but that's not gonna happen, I think I can identify him.

And telling Martin will cause so much trouble and maybe he will gonna punch the guy, or worst I don't know what will happen to him if Martin will gonna find this small incident.


"Ha?" Martin's voice pulled me out from my reverie.

"You are not even listening to me"

"Sorry, what did you say?" looking to Martin, and ask myself "why didn't I fell for him?" he's such a nice guy though.

"Stop fantasizing about me" Not looking at me but just smirk, and his attention still on the speaker.

"It's been a long years, hard times, persistent attitude towards your goals, taking every step with precised determination -"

Yeah, the day that I've been waiting for..GRADUATION. But my mind is elsewhere, and Martin sometimes don't want this kind of blabbering, but showed interest to what the speaker said. An alumna in this university and donated his shares in the research center.

"by achieving your dreams. Every step you take is not just a plain platform, sometimes it can be slippery, rough or bumpy, or there is a foot hole, but still be brave enough to stand up whenever these obstacles is interfering your way, or fix it if possible, so that the next time you will encounter a problem, you know how to handle it. Step up and aim higher. Lastly, If you are on top, be grounded. Keep your 2 feet on the ground, sometimes standing at the peak lead us to greater opportunities to the point of forgetting what is right, to point of losing it cuz we're greedy enough to grab everything even we stomp other peoples lives, destroying them, even yourself. Unaware that we are not what we are anymore. Detaching our own self to who we really are, and possess by something scary."

Wow, I kinda like his speech Step up and aim higher and be humble always. I never thought after the struggled with our life, financially. I am here witnessing a once in a lifetime event towards our dreams.

Holding my grip with Martin's hand, he looked at me with a watery eyes. Is he crying or I'm just imagining it?

"Are you okay?" asking him in my calm voice.

"It's just that I realize something about the speaker said"

"And what is that?" curious crossed me.

"That if we are on top, we still be humble and grounded. That's why my two feet is on the ground, chasing girls." And just like that, he always insist his dumb ways thinking to everything.

"Yeah, very inspiring though. My two feet on the ground and with my two arms on the side, ready to attack you anytime and torture you." And I slap his head lightly.

"Ouch" rubbing his head gently.

"Thank you for inviting me, being here again gives happy memories and learning. I hope you learn something from  the things I've said and use this as a tool or a guide to have a better understanding in future."

After his long but very inspiring speech, that obviously affects other students. We stood together and gave him a continuous clapping. Others tried to control their shouts for the sake of solemnity of the programme. Maybe they will explode later.

After the speaker, following the speeches of students with honors. And here it is, in a white scroll like an important message from a king, offering us a brighter future.

When they called my name on stage, I got cold feet. Geez, I kinda nervous though, looking down I saw Martin waving at me, urging me to walk forward to where the two professor and a guest stood giving the diploma. He looked confused with my reaction, jerk.

And at the back portion where all the parents situated. I spotted dad at the front left wing waving his green banner, saying Congrats honey, I love you remember that. I thought he just teased me when he said that he gonna bring a banner during the graduation, but then here he is, showing it to everyone.

Tears rolled down my cheek, I just held it back cuz I know he will gonna cry also and it so awkward, smiling to herself. Taking my step towards Mr.Oldman, giving me the diploma.

"Congrats Ms. Greene" And we shook hands.

"Thank you sir" Shaking hands to others and keep myself from smiling.

I scream at the top of my lungs, calling dad. And lift the white parchment on my right hand.

My diploma and I offer this to you.



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