Time Goes Flies

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Chapter 8

I started my work in sophia's company as her assistant, I thought it would be difficult to work with her but I was wrong, she didn't gave me a work that puts burden in my shoulder, as she said. But I didn't listen to her sometimes,  I took her paperworks and do my thing, I set her schedules in her every meeting even her modelling job. Because she's messy when it comes to organizing her schedules.

But that's all, when it comes to work she is a helluva strict boss, she comes in the meeting with a complete, prepared plan, and she is very serious in dealing with their businesses.

That's why all the impossible questions that thrown at her, she always answered it with full confidence, without batting an eye to her opponent.

I like her as a person, cuz she is not the typical serious boss even after work. She is just snappy when there is circumstances, but as a person, as a woman, she is carefree, treating her employee fairly and just. And when it's just the two of us, she is definitely a crazy person, and naughty may I add.

She always insisted me to go shopping with her after our work, and she didn't even let me use my money to spent with my dress. She always told me that she owed me everything, but I didn't see it that way. I should be the one thanking her, treating me like her own family.

And I already told her about my dad, and even she talked to him at the phone. I was relief that it was suddenly she is comfortable with my dad like as a father figure.

Dad and I called every now and then, and so happy to hear his voice, that his more than okay. He is adjusting with the environment, especially the climates, and the lifestyle of the people, they adopted it at the passing day. Even their thai food, at first he is reluctant in tasting it, but after the encouragement of his co-workers, he tried it and he almost love it. And he wants me to try it too.

I missed him already eventhough he called me this morning. It's been 6 long months since he left and I started my work here as an assistant.

Shit, I am staring at the wall for so long and I don't want Sophia caught me like this, I don't want her thinking that she paid me gallantly and here I am staring at the blank wall. I think I need to tell her personally than to call her on the phone, she might not busy.

Slowly knocking on her door, I turned the knob and opening it and poked my head inside. And there she is on her table, busy writing on something. She didn't heard me at all.

"Knock, knock"

"Oh Casey, what can I do for you?" She just smiled at me.

"You have a meeting" Checking my wristwatch.

"For about 30 minutes now, I already prepared the conference room." And by the look of her, she is guilty of forgetting.

"I'm sorry Casey, I almost forgot the time and thank you for preparing the room but I will set my meeting here in my office, sorry I didn't inform you"

Yeah, she looks sorry and concerned with my preparation put to waste. I walked towards her and smile.

"You don't have to say your sorry" When Sophia try to butt in, Casey lift her face palm.

"And don't interrupt me, it is my job to do that. And go prepare yourself, freshen up, so that you look fresh and  pretty and he will fall for you, okay?. I will just prepare a coffee"

"Maybe your right but even I'm in my pajama, he will not be bother, and don't prepare anything for him, okay?" She just giggled to herself, and I don't know why.

"Are you sure?" Still in her childish form, rotating herself in a swivel chair.

"Yes, don't run or bother yourself with anything. I can handle it"

"Call me anything if you need something" And I exited her office, still in my puzzled brain.

Here I go again almost forgot, I need to make a copy of some documents, gosh I think I adopted Sophia's forgetfullness.


After making a hardcopy of the contracts and proposals, I immediately went to my desk but it caught my eye that someone entered Sophia's office. Damn it, so i hurriedly went to her office without knocking, I don't want intruder to caught me. And then she scream.


Damn it, they are the one who is alarmed with my sudden intrusion.

"Oh my, I am very sorry Sophia, Sir. I thought some madman came here, and I heard you screaming"

"Casey I'm so sorry, It's just alex here scared me when I was on my back"

Atleast she's okay, and no madman but a man in his casual attire, looking fit and sexy, I mean good. Shit I am checking him out now, I think I need to disappear now.

He just looked me briefly and averted his gaze towards Sophia and sit in another chair in front of her desk. Did he just smirk at me?! What the hell.

"Okay, sorry again" Forcing myself to smile, and Sophia knew that something was bothering me. I let myself out in a haste.

Maybe he smirk at me it's because I called him a madman, but I already apologize and I didn't mean to barged like that. And besides I'm just alarmed with his tiptoed movement when he entered the office. He didn't say anything, and it pisses me off.

What's her relation to Sophia? and she didn't even told me anything about this ALEX, She never gave the last name but just his 4 letter word name, how odd, she told me all her exes even their scandalous act, all the men that involved in her life, but no alex was mention, maybe a new boy? No, she will definitely told me about it.

And wait a minute, his face looks familiar but I can't remember where did I saw him or when, maybe that man who?....no they're different from each other, except maybe they have the same height.

But I swear to god that I saw him somewhere, but can't figure it out, where exactly.












And who are you MISTER ALEX?!



Update..update..update, here is chapter 8 guys. Hope you drop by and read my story. Not edited, so expect errors dancing in front of your eyes. So who is this Mr.Alex? Even Casey cracking her mind just to remember it, but then she forgot. Oh well, let's see, if anything comes up in the next chapter.

Again, thank you for reading my story. Everytime I saw the numbers increased even just 1 figure in how many people reads it, I'm happy and inspired :p

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