Second Time

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Chapter 6

I took my shower in a hurry and preparing myself on a job hunting today, it's my 3rd day finding a job actually, and now maybe it's my lucky day. Martin keeps on calling since last night, that he found a job for me as an assistant secretary since I can't accept his offered job as his personal secretary in their company.

I can't believed it also that he owns a company, and he's a goddamn pretty rich. He insisted a job for me but he never explain anything or elaborate about the job. And I like his attitude because he never brag about it, and he keeps his secret for me and to the others for almost 4 years.

I asked him why did he took his course in this university, why not in other private schools or harvard I thought. His mother told him once, that they can provide anything or everything to him, but they want Martin to learn from a scratch. To be independent in his life, that he can do something whenever problem is going to arise. And being an apprentice after our graduation in their company, his parents approved all his hardwork, from serving a coffee to preparation in a meeting. From small tasks to creating a business plan. And now, he works in his own company as a CEO, and now pestering me to be his assistant.

Choosing a skyblue open-front jacket, pleated-neck top & classic-fit trousers and a skin tone platform pump. And simple make up will do, and tied her hair in neat ponytail. Last look in the mirror, what a pretty babe, she just chuckled and smiled to herself.

Martin insisted to pick me up in my house, he wants to be there on the day of my interview or for formality sake as he said, cuz actually I already hired. And it so awkward, having my first job in an easy access. He told me and reminded me that his friend accepted me because of my credentials, not because of him. So I didn't bother him or ask anything.

When I walk outside the house, there he is leaning against his car, and an expensive one. Wearing a button-down collar that stays nicely in position when the top button is undone, and a grey pants with a nice belt. Scribbling something in his phone, not noticing me when I walked closer to him.

"Wow so gorgeous" awestruck with his car, very expensive indeed.

"Thank you" grinning, revealing his white teeth.

"I meant your car" Laughing to herself.

He suddenly saddened with the thought and disappointed, with his shrugged shoulder. He turned his back from me.

"Hey your handsome, good looking, and gorgeous too, so don't pout" Running my words almost I chocked from it.

And yeah, he likes to tease me. He smiled in a sexy way, my heart flutters suddenly. And I smiled also, in response to his cheering mode.

When we settled inside the car, I can't hide my appreciation with the interior. Looking to Martin, he's like a child excited to wander in a park.

"Hey stop looking at me like that, I'm getting self-conscious now" Still driving, eyes on the road.

Laughing suddenly with his undeniably cute confession. "You're cute, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know that" Smirking.

"You know I can ride a cab going there" Changing the conversation.

"Of course not, I'm not going to let you go there, feasting their eyes on you" Now in his serious tone.

"And besides, your car is intimidating" wander my eyes inside the car.

"Did you like it? It's a 2015 Audi R8. Father gave it to me as a graduation gift." Beaming at me like a kid, loving his new toy.

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