Real Talk.

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I hate this, to all people that I know, why it should be Martin. To think that I insulted Alex in my mind, blabbering about his bad attitude towards me, to think I'm killing him in my thoughts, thankful that I didn't tell Martin about this issues regarding his not so kind cousin.

And wait a sec, why is it Martin kept this as a secret? And before telling me anything at the restaurant, he looked so weary, I don't know why, it's like I'm interested with Alex or anything, or we're involve with each other, not that he knew something about us that we were having a secret clash.

Maybe there's more to it, and I don't know what, let alone would think of it. But then again I noticed that day, they are not in a good situation with each other. Like they're having their own warfare, I can sensed it. Looking at each other with hatred in their eyes.

I don't know what to tell him, this is so awkward for my part, I think I have to talk to him regarding Alex, cos if he hate his cousin that much, I think I can confide him my complaints now, right?

I'm such a genius, really.

But obviously he didn't want to talk about their short meeting, and he is so pissed off or I don't know what he's thinking right now, he is so silent after we left at the restaurant. Driving is where his full attention right now.

"Uhm, Martin?" He looked at me.

"Are you okay? Cos you are so quite and I don't know what you're thinking" Just sighing.

"Alex is a good man, you know. Maybe he is just irritated right now" Did I ask?

"I'm not asking him, but you" I'm confused.

"Sorry, and I want to apologise about Vanessa, she's a clingy person" Is he the errand boy?

" Just to you" I just gave a smirked.

"And no need to apologise about something, no harms done" What's with all the apologising stuff.

"You want to go somewhere?" He looked at me, while I'm leaning on the window pane.

"It's okay, I think I want to go home now" I just looked away. You obviously not in the mood, I thought.

We took the drive in a silent mood, Martin seems off bit today, and I'm disappointed because he didn't say anything, and it affects him to the core regarding Alex.

We didn't enjoy this hangout once in a while, I want to go somewhere to have my mind be relax. I was thinking what happened back there at the restaurant. I don't know what's their relationship with that woman Vanessa.

I didn't noticed that we already arrived in my apartment. Before Martin turn off his engine, I already said my goodbye in a hurry without looking at him. But he's faster than me though.

"Wait" I stopped.

"Casey, I'm sorry" He walked towards me and pulled me to his embrace.

"I..ah..uhm..Ma-Martin" I became conscious.

"You start to confess your love?" We always do this, but I don't know now.


"But I will reject you" Still holding me, but then again he didn't do anything.

"I know" We just stayed there with an awkward position that others may see. Not that I mind.

"Hey patrick" He starts to smile, I can feel his face moving on my shoulder.

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