Prologue: Bringing Them In

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A/N: Here is just the cast doing what they do, then being brought in and briefed on what they'll be doing. Heads up, the cast here are NOT CANON to the cast that watched alongside the cast of MHA.

(At Beacon)

The halls of the prestigious Beacon Academy, there was a group known as the best teams of the first years. While attending a school with such high qualifications and expectations, it takes a lot to be known as the best. Oddly enough, most of the expanded group of 8 is mainly made up of women, which isn't unheard of, just more like a statement of fact.

These 8 are split into 2 teams, 4 each, all having their own unique quirks and personalities to separate them. Let's go down the list shall we~;

First is Ruby Rose, the leader of Team RWBY, don't ask, and the youngest in the school, while also being one of the most skilled. After her is her partner, Weiss Schee, heiress to the Schee Dust Corporation, an expert in all things Dust. Next was Yang Xio Long, Ruby's older sister and the literal power house, and bombshell, of RWBY. Finally was Blake Belladonna, a skilled ninja and Faunus in hiding, she's the stealth of the team.

Walking next to them was their sister team, also powerful, mainly for one member honestly.

First is Jaune Arc of the Arc family, leader of Team JNRP, while not as skilled as the rest, he makes up for it in his tactician skills and growing potential. His partner, Pyrrha Nikos, was by far the most skilled student in the school, but all she wants is friends and a future with her partner. After her is Lie Ren, the ninja and strong and silent type, he's calm and collected, always able to calm down any drastic situation. Finally was Nora Valkyrie, the personification of sugar high itself, she's incredibly strong and always energetic.

Right now, both teams were talking like regular friends since, despite it being a school for hunting, it's still a high school. In the next few weeks, the Vytal Tournament is gonna begin, and a lot of them are excited.

"Oh man, I'm so excited!", Ruby shouted with her arms in the air, "Yeah, can't wait for the awesome fights!", Yang said, punching her open palm. "It will be a wondrous event the whole world can enjoy, either entering, or by watching the fights on television", Weiss said. "That and the attention everyone will get in it", Blake said plainly, "Yep", Ren agreed with a soft nod.

"Ooh, I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE FIGHTS, I'M GONNA BREAK SO MANY LEGS!", Nora cheered with glee. The group just smiled at Nora's perky attitude having spent a whole semester listening to her weird stories and boisterous personality. "I too am excited", Pyrrha said, happy to spend a major event with her friends rather than fans who're obsessed with her feats.

Weiss was enough.

"Hey Jaune, you excited for the tournament?", Ruby asked her fellow leader, but only got silence as a response. "Jaune, you OK?", Pyrrha asked in worry, still hearing nothing, "Hey, Vomit Boy!", Yang yelled, tapping his shoulder, making him jump. "Huh!? Oh, sorry guys, what was the question?", Jaune asked,scratching the back of his head. "Just wanted to know if you're excited for the Vytal Tournament", Ruby asked, now curious why he was spacing out.

"Oh, excited, really", Jaune said quickly, "Jaune, are you OK?", Ren asked, "Yeah, I'm fine, just thinking about stuff", Jaune said, looking away. Now this caught their attention, because the last time he asked like this was when Cardin started bullying him. "What is it Arc?", Weiss asked in a gentle tone, though Jaune flinched at being called by his last name.

"Just... thinking about life", Jaune said, confusing a few, "Why's that?", Nora asked, "Well, I've just been thinking over the semester and all we've done. But then I think of my own experiences and think about how different my life would be if I didn't come to Beacon. And even then, if I didn't, would I even still know you all or be friends?", Jaune asked his friends with uncertainty.

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