Chapter 1

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A television set flashed on. There was man in the middle of a small broadcasting; he quickly shuffled through his paper and made eye contact with the camera. “Ash Ketchum started out as a mere rookie we barely noticed. When he began his journey many trainers treated him poorly. Overtime he improved through intense training. That became a major step in his career as a trainer. He became a star overnight, participated in multiple leagues and gained many titles and support from the international community. He’s a bright example of what all trainers should be.  A few hours from now he will have a rematch battle against Cynthia in the Sinnoh Plateau Stad-" Dawn turned off the T.V and went back to organizing her things for her trip to the Sinnoh Stadium. “There that’s the last of our things Piplup,” she sighed in relief picking him. Dawn quickly dressed into her winter coat. After she finished Dawn turned the knob on her front door then headed outside.

She stepped through soft plush for a few hours before finally reaching the Sinnoh stadium. Dawn covered her ears from the loud narrations over the megaphone and cheering the crowds made.”Well at least they’ll stop once the battle starts,” Dawn took a whiff of the stadiums air and exhaled “It’s good to be back,” she smiled. Ash and Dawn used to travel together. The boy taught her a lot about pokemon and battling, but ever since he left her she seemed very distant from pokemon. She silently slipped into the stadium where thousands crowded to watch his battle. A girl spotted her and waved to her shouting: “Dane, DANE it’s me Lyra. Over here Dane I saved a seat for you!” Dawn smiled weakly while sitting in the seat she offered. “Thanks Lyra has the battle started yet?” “No not yet it will in a few minutes” she replied. “So are you married to Ash?” Dawn blushed but shook her head. A speaker over the megaphone quickly calmed down the roaring of the crowd.

Two people emerged from the shadows of the separate doors. In one an elegant middle aged women dressed in black came with a Garchomp standing next to her. “That must be Cynthia” Dawn though. The other door opened; a young boy came out. He wore a red cap and his coat was a mix between the colors of red with blue. He wore a serious but confident that showed he was ready to battle. “And that’s Ash” she said shocked by how much he changed. Ash called out Pikachu and the battle began. Garchomp raised his sharp claw, rushing at Pikachu. Pikachu dodged then slammed into his right rib. “Good now finish him” he yelled. Pikachu obeyed hurling vicious bolts of crackling volts into his body  knocking Garchomp out. Cynthia  replaced Garchomp with Milotic. Milotic inhaled deeply, creating its own climate. The stadium heated up in Milotic’s microclimate. Pikachu sweltered before collapsing from heat exhaustion. Ash called out his next pokemon Unfezant. It flew several meters into the air before making a brutal dive straight into the pokemon. The earth shattered creating a large crater  in the stadium where Milotic lay still. Cynthia called out Braviary. Both birds flew into the air pecking and clawing each others faces. Braviary. Braviary grabbed Unfezant and sent them diving into a small stadium wall. Both of the pokemon were too hurt to get up and continue fighting. Ash replaced her with Serperior, Cynthia replaced hers with Spiritomb. Spiritomb hurled a ball of energy that hit Serperior. A small explosion went off, Serperior tired to belly crawl away before stopping to stare back at the ghost. Concentrating on his mental energy, Serperior released several beams of light from his body that stuck onto Spirtomb. “Now use Giga Drain! Serperior leech sucked ever drop out of Spiritomb’s body. The audience violently cheered on for Ash to win. Cynthia replaced her wounded Spiritomb with Lucario. Ash switched his pokemon to Scrafty. The two glared silently like Samurai warriors. Finally both waved their fists and sprinted towards one another throwing punches. Lucario and Scrafty swung swift, barely visible punches at each other. Ash’s heart and Cynthia’s pumped waiting for the outcome of the battle to be decided. “argh” Lucario groaned collapsing on the floor. The audience clapped and cheered that the battle was finally over.“Your journey is not yet over here take this.” Cynthia handed him a red envelope. “What is it Ash?” asked. “A invitation to the Fiori region. This is where the world’s finest trainers are. It’s here that they’ll determine who the true pokemon master is.. Good luck,” Cynthia smiled. “Thank you,” Ash bowed.

Dawn walked out of the stadium worried. “If Ash is going to the league then..,” she pulled out her own red envelope. “This means that I’ll have to battle him one day,” she thought

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