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"She's known sadness,
And it has made her kind"
~Nathan Filer ❃

✿ ✿Olivia✿ ✿

I've never been more exhausted in my life! Last night just completely reminded me why I don't party.

Jennie was so tempted to call out today but it's her first day, and I told her last night was a bad idea.

Rosy cheeks wanted to sleep in but if me and Jennie had to be up early
For work, so does she.

After I got dressed I said my goodbyes to the girls and waited for my taxi. My job was a personal assistant for the owner of this magazine company. Apparently the magazine was extremely popular in Italy called Vogue Italia.

The whole taxi ride to the company my mind was all over the place. I couldn't forget the handsome man from yesterday. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see him again.

He's right, a picture would have lasted longer.

The taxi pulled up in front of this huge building. Perhaps I squealed a little.

This is my first real job, everywhere else I worked were fast food restaurants. In America we got little jobs to save up and come here together.

I walked into the building searching for the front desk. I needed assistance to find my way around this huge place.

"Hi" I said to the lady at the desk in front of me. She smiled and ask what she could help me with. "I start my new job today as the bosses personal assistant"

She searched through her books and smiled before calling my name.
"Olivia Evie, right?" I nodded and she handed me a form.

"My names Lisa, if you ever need anything feel free to ask me" Lisa said while handing me a pen. "Mr Kaden is on the very top floor, I'll let him know you're on the way up" Lisa said before picking up the phone.

I whispered thanks to her and she nodded before informing Mr Kaden I was on the way.

Everything was so fancy here, I think I'm in love with this place already.

The building had 20 floors, well 21 but the sign next to it said "do not press" So I went to floor 20. As soon as the elevator opened I seen this beautiful Italian man standing waiting for me.


"Y- yes, are you Mr Kaden?"

"Ah, yes come on, let me show you around"

Mr Kaden walked me around his personal floor. I had my own little office right next to Mr Kaden's room.

He explained to me my job and basically, I'll be organizing everything for him, sending and checking his emails and going over loads of files daily, also setting up his meetings.

I knew I could do it, I was totally qualified for this job and on my applications I made sure that it was known that this was my kind of work.

"Mr Kaden, I can't believe you own this whole magazine company, this is a huge accomplishment, thank you so much"

"Oh no" he chuckled. "I don't own the company, I work for the boss of this company, I run this building for him since he can't be at all places at once."

"O- oh, I'm sorry I just assu-"

"No it's okay, you are a foreigner, it's only normal you don't know." He smiles for turning to walk out.

"Enjoy your first day Ms Evie"

Mr Kaden walked out of my office and almost immediately, the phone rang.

✁ ✁ ✁ ✁

      I stacked the documents neatly on the desk before grabbing my personal items to go. My first day was nonetheless hectic, but I couldn't be more happier to have such an amazing boss and the design teams seemed nice so far.

I walked out of my office and knocked on Mr Kaden's door, I didn't want to be rude and just leave. I heard him yell "come in"

I walked into his office and stood in front of his desk. He had a stack of papers in his hands and a pair of sexy glasses in his face. He surely wasn't wearing those earlier.

"Is everything alright Ms Evie"

"Yes, I'm sorry to bother I-"

"You're fine, what's up"

He looked over at the window and seen it was already dark, I guess he got to lost in work. I chuckled a little, this man is so cute.

"I'm sorry, it's past your work hours, go home and get some rest"

"I'll see you tomorrow Mr Kaden"

"Alright bellissima"


"I'll see you later Ms Evie"


I smiled and left his office. I stopped by Lisa's desk to say goodbye. I wanted to get to know her better, she's been nice to me all day and helpful.

"Hey Lisa, I'll see you tomorrow"

"Oh ok, Olivia! Goodnight"

I waved and exited the building.
The weather was so nice I decided I'd walk home inside of calling a taxi.

After a hour of walking I was tired but I made it home safely. I checked to see if the girls were home but only Jennie was.

"Hey Jen, how was your day?" I said sitting next to her on the bed. She was laying down doing something on her phone. "Pretty decent, you?" She said.
"Actually my day was exciting! You wouldn't believe how hot my boss is b-"

"Oh that's nice"

Before I could say anything Jennie got up and walked into the bathroom. Someone's really grumpy today.

I sighed and went to my room. I can't wait until Rosy gets home, she works as a bartender for a local bar and Jennie... I'm not exactly sure, she never told me where she was working.

I opened my laptop and read more about the magazine, I'd lying if I said I wasn't curious about who owned it.

I typed in the magazine name and true owners name automatically popped up Lucas Romano but... he has no pictures online of him at all.

I sighed in frustration. I'm not sure why I want to know who he is but I'm curious.

And curiosity killed the cat...

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