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"I will breathe.
I will think of solutions.
I will not let my worry control me.
I will not let my stress level break me.
I will simply breathe.
And it will be okay.
Because I don't quit"
~Shayne McClendon  ❃


       The plane ride was exhausting, my body needed rest but I was too excited to see our new home.

As soon as we stepped off the plane and our feet touched Sicily ground and seen how beautiful it was... I couldn't believe I was actually here!

after we called a taxi and arrived at our home, me and the girls picked rooms and unpacked quickly.

Tonight we plan on going out and hit Sicily's hottest club. Jennie insists on clubbing even though she starts work tomorrow before us.

Enjoy the night I guess

✁ ✁ ✁ ✁

I kept it simple with my outfit, heels aren't really my thing and I'd rather be make up free

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I kept it simple with my outfit, heels aren't really my thing and I'd rather be make up free.

Jennie and Rosy both looked amazing. The girls decided they wanted to match last minute. They wore short red dresses and beige heels. I can't lie they looked amazing, and I'd stand and admire but we should go.

The taxi ride was short but the wait line was extremely long

"What's taking them so long" Rosy said trying to get a good look at the front.
"Seems like confrontation" I said looking up at the two people arguing up front. "HURRY UP" Jennie yelled at the people in front. She's always been impatient but the guys in front seemed to listen to her command, In no time the line started moving.

"ID please" the security said waiting on us. I was busy talking with The girls I didn't realize we were next.
Rosy and Lisa grabbed their ID's and showed him while I looked for mines. I seen him give them a nod as they continued in.

I stood awkwardly searching through my little clutch for my ID. I sighed, clearly I forgot it.

"Hey can I-"

"Let her in"

I turned around to see the guy who just commanded the security guy. When I turned around and looked up at him... I was completely mesmerized, gosh he was beautiful. I was completely taken back by his beautiful features.

The guard coughed, breaking my gaze on the handsome man.

"You can head on in" the guard spoke before letting me in

"Th- Thanks" I said to the handsome stranger. He smiled before looking away.

I walked in to find a crowded huge packed out club, from the line outside I expected this.

The whole clubbing thing isn't me. Sad to say but I'd prefer being at home eating popcorn and watching old movies. I sighed... the things I do for these girls.

When I looked around for them I seen Rose flirting with some random and Jennie entertaining herself on social media as always.

I figured I'd mix and mingle some. I tried dancing but the music just wasnt  it, I prefer music politely disrespect... I couldn't dance to this anyways.

I went to the bar and ordered a drink. nothing heavy just a strawberry margarita.

I needed a little something to take the edge off. I followed the crowd of people heading outside. Everyone split up in the backyard, Luckily I found a quite place and admired everything around me. This new change in scenery could be an amazing new start for me, I'm really hoping for that, I at least deserve that maybe?

I watched as the people around had fun talking and drinking, they seemed to be having the time of their lives.

I loved it, everyone was so happy here, no ones happy all the time but everyone here was happy, maybe it was for the moment but they were happy. I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me
Inspiration to want to be like that.

Before I knew it, I downed my drink but I was going back for another one. I kept telling myself " that's right life, loosen up"

✁ ✁ ✁ ✁

    About an hour later I was a little tipsy, I found myself exploring the dance floor but I soon felt awkward when other guys tried to dance with me.

So I am back to sitting down watching others. Jennie and Rosy seem to be having a great time, they were partying with eachother and yeah they called me to join but I'm fine where I'm at now.

I sighed, I can't do this. I hesitantly walked through the crowd of people, drinking, smoking, and having a good time.

This just isn't me, and I needed some air.

I found a back exit from the club and walked out. The night sky was beautiful. I breathe in and out the fresh air, Sicily was beautiful I couldn't lie.

"risolvi il problema del cazzo ora!"

I was startled by the sudden disturbance in my peace, I turned around to see the stranger walking out of the club talking Angrily on the phone.

My mouth fell agape, beautiful couldn't explain him.

For a second I thought he was talking to me. It's not like I could understand anyways.

The handsome man from earlier walked the opposite direction from me as he continued to yell on the phone and run his hands through his long beautiful ombré colored hair.

He was tall, he must have stood at least 6'1. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans while his hair just flowed perfectly down his back.

I knew I was staring but I could help it. I watched as he angrily hung up his phone and sighed in frustration.

He ran his fingers through his long beautiful hair before turning around

I mentally freaked when I realized he was walking towards my direction.

I quickly turned around to avoid him. He came walking close to me... really close before he stopped at my side.

My heart was pounding, gosh he smelt so good. His Cologne was intoxicating.
He bent down a little to my height, his lips brushed agains't my ear as he whispered "take a picture beautiful, it'll last longer."

At this point was I even breathing?

I looked at him from the corner of my eye and watched as he smirked. I made no sudden movement, it's not like I'd be able to, my legs felt like jelly.

The only question on my mind was...

Who is he?

Once he walked away I felt as I could breathe again. I watched as he walked back into the building.

"H- he called me 'Beautiful'"

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