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"Now every time
I witness a strong person
I want to know: What darkness
Did you conquer in your story?
Mountains do not rise
Without earthquakes."
~Katherine MacKennet ❃

✿ ✿Olivia✿ ✿

This morning I woke up to Rosy and Jennie's screaming match over Frosted Flakes cereal.

I mentally facepalmed myself.

These girls are literally going to be the death of me.

"Jennie we can literally get another box later"


Rosy just continued eating cereal and ignoring us

"Jen, she's already eating the cereal, you can't have it anymore."

I grabbed Jen's waist and dragged her out the dining room. She's a handful when she wants to be. Rosy knew exactly how to trigger Jennie and she loved doing so. These are the most immature females I've ever met but... they are my sisters.

"Jen I have to get ready for work but, relax" I said sitting her down on the bed. She huffed and blew her hair out of her face.

A big baby is what she is.

I couldn't help it, I hugged her and squeezed her tight in my arms as she tried to get away. She's a little baby, I love her so much, I couldn't hide it.

"Liv, get the fuck off of me!"

"Okay okay... geez you cranky baby"

I ran out her room just as she grabbed her pillow to throw it at me. She ended up hitting the door instead, HA take that Jen. I chuckled and walked into my room, They'll be the death of me.

After getting ready I called a cab to work.

My first month flew by fast... my job wasn't easy or anything but time just flew by. I'd say I was adjusting well with everything.

Today I arrived at work a little later, but when I got in, I'm not sure why but I heard a bunch of commotion from all around the building. People were running around carrying big stacks of paper even though some flew away they continued running in every direction.

I almost got pushed over, things were way to crazy right now. I rushed over to  the the elevator and rushed to Mr Kaden's room. They were literally going insane right now.

I knocked on his office door... no matter what I had to be respectful.

Once he opened the door I could see the papers all over his floor in his office...
Seems I'm in a nut house. "Mr Kaden? What's going on?" He went on to picking up and reading different papers from the floor before answering. "The boss is coming!" He said frantically. "Wh- Why is he coming? What's all if this for?" I said helping him organize.

"The big boss rarely comes, its usually his son but not this time"

"Ahh... why is everyone frantic?"

"If he is coming then that means there is a problem. Boss doesn't come for no reason, his son does."

"Oh? Uhm... is there anything I can help with?"

"No Ms Ev-"


"No liv, you're new, there isn't much he would say about you... yet"

I gulped and continue helping in silence.

After we finished cleaning everything and making sure the building was neat we both sighed in relief.  Just as I was walking over to Lisa, the front doors opened. I forced a smile and slowly turned around.

I- I was stunned

It's him...

"Mr Vito! H- hey I thought your f- father was coming today?"

"Dear ol mom needed him more"

"O- oh, well uhm... wh- why exactly did he want to come?"

"Oh, to check the books and see how the workers are improving here before we make a big move..."

"B- big move?"

"I'm sorry Kaden but if I am not satisfied with what I see today... I'm sorry to say but you'll be fired"

"Mr Vito it really isn't neces-"

"A whole new team will be coming in after you guys. You see Kaden... someone is stealing money from my father and you know.... he isn't really found of stealers. Maybe it's you... maybe it's not. Let's make our way to the office"

He smirked and walked to the elevator, I badly wanted to wipe that smug look off of his face. Who does he think he is! Threatening many people jobs.

I ran my fingers through my hair and rolled my eyes.

Mr Kaden called my name and asked me to come along. Honestly I didn't want to be around the jerk right now. Yeah he might be cute but he is definitely an asshole!

The elevator stopped but not at the usual floor... it stopped at the floor that had the sign, This floor was off limits.

Mr Kaden walked out of the elevator first, just as I was about to walk out...
"Nice to see you again beautiful" the guy said in an extremely seductive tone.

My whole body stiffened as he walked away... just like that.

Fucking jerk. I followed behind the guys while admiring the beauty of this office. The floor was basically an office, plain but beautiful and rarely touched.

"Exactly what is she doing here Kaden?"

"Sh- she's my personal assistant"

"This does not give her the right to be in PRIVATE AREAS KADEN!"

"I- I'm sorry... I'll leave"

I walked around to back got the elevator and went back down to the lobby. I hate him.... already! I'm sure of it!

I walked over to Lisa and told her what happened up there.

"Liv, Vito is very.... I shouldn't say this about my bosses... bosses son but he is sort of bipolar I believe?"

"Vito's his name?"

"Yeah? They said it earlier Liv"

"I heard... I just wasn't sure"

"At least he is calmer then his father"

"Yeah his father Lucas?"

"Lucas Romano, the sexiest man alive"

"Hey, how come I can't find anything on him"

"Oh that's bec-"

The elevator door opened and both Lisa and I turned around. Vito walked with so much confidence, and this smug look on his face that I badly wanted to slap off.
Nothing but a arrogant bastard.

Vito stood in front of everyone and began to speak.

"You all got lucky this time"

After saying that he turned and walked away. I can already tell I'm going to hate him.

"How often does he come Lisa?"

"Actually about once every 2-3 months"

I just smiled at Lisa and walked away. The only thing on my mind was making sure Mr Kaden was okay. I took the elevator back up and knocked on his office door.

After a few seconds he answered and gave me a faint smile.

"Hey... how are you?"

"I'm fine Ms Evie"

"O- oh yeah I was just checking on you"

"Please... just go back to work"

"O- uhm... yes. Goodbye"

I sighed before making my exit, clearly whatever Vito said to him was upsetting... or maybe it's me?

I ran my fingers through my hair and huffed out. Once I got seated at my desk again not even a minute later my phone was ringing.


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