Chapter Fourteen-"I'm kind of wishing that you kissed me first right now"

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Chapter Fourteen-"I'm kind of wishing that you kissed me first right now"

It felt like I was trapped inside my own mind, unable to move while everything around me shifted in and out of focus while my eyes were staring solely on the horror in front of me. You know if you told me a few weeks ago that I’d be standing in a carnival, shivering my butt off while watching probably two of the hottest guys in Redwood fighting like a bunch of apes, I wouldn’t have believed you. But now that it was actually happening, I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming.

Sean Gregory who was notorious for being a bad boy and going through girls like an alcoholic going through vodka and up until now, the whole ‘British bad boy’ thing hadn’t clicked in mainly because Sean hadn’t done anything that bad around me but now I was starting to realise why people whispered about him in the hallways when he skipped class. Yes, Sean Gregory, the guy with black hair and wore combat boots was beating the brains out of my boyfriend Dave Peterson on the carnival floor and I was just standing there like a fool, watching in shock.

I never expected that it would happen like this, or that I even predicted that this fight would happen at all. Yeah so maybe I figured Dave would find out about me kissing Sean at the lake house, but I didn’t for it to happen this way. Sean and Dave were struggling on the ground and I noticed that a few people were now stopping to stare. Great Viv, this is your fault! If you had just declined Sean’s jacket and gotten along with your life then Dave wouldn’t be punching Sean over his head.

Sean suddenly stood up, wiping away at the blood which was now trickling down his nose while Dave stood as well. For a moment, both guys stared at each other and it was clear that there was a silent hatred between them. Then, without warning, Dave swung his arm as his fist connected with Sean’s eye, knocking Sean onto the ground with a loud thud. I felt my gut tightening and it was in that moment that I found my voice and snapped out of shock.

“DAVE STOP IT!” I yelled.

Dave froze, as if realising I was there for the first time. He turned around to glance down at me. I found his blue eyes which were usually its warm, sapphire blue now cold and dark. His lips were pulled into a tight, thin line and there was a bruise forming along his cheek. His chest heaved up and down heavily, clearly showing that he was hurt and I noticed that his hands were still balled into fists.

“He tried to take advantage of you Viv,” Dave muttered.

I turned to Sean who was now sitting up, still clutching at his hurt eye. He turned to look up at me before his lips curved up into a cold smile. I felt my chest tighten and my throat to constrict. My breathing grew shallower and tears formed in my eyes. This is it Viv. You just got the resident bad boy of Redwood High to hate you. I swallowed a sob and turned to Dave who was staring at me with a questioning look.

“I…” I trailed off, “…he wasn’t.”

Dave turned to Sean again and glared before spitting out, “He is Viv and you’re just too innocent to see that.”

“You know what?” Sean suddenly spoke, “You’re so hung up over Viv and me that you’re too blind to see your own fucking faults!”

Dave began to reply but Sean cut him off as he stood, “I’m so over this shit,” then he turned to me even as he spoke to Dave, “you can have Viv all to yourself.”

And with that, Sean stormed off into the crowds until he disappeared from my sight completely. I sucked in a shuddering breath, and realised that I was still wearing Sean’s leather jacket. I let the sleeves fall over my hands in its largeness and turned to face Dave who was glaring at the spot Sean had just retreated into. He glanced at me when he noticed that I was staring at him.

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