I Got Tagged! (Not An Update + Trivia About the Author)

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Oh. I don't know this much yet but I guess it's worth a try right?

Ok, so 20 Facts about Me! +_+ dodododon!! :D

1.) I am a big fan of anime!!! (Isn't it obvious?)

2.) I work Underground both in Wattpad and in Real Life. ^_^

3.) I am a Blogger which writes mostly about everything and anything that comes into my mind. There I said it! Wahaha

4.) The Only Korean Star that I like is the one from the series, "The Fault in Our Star" just look for a girl there, I don't know her name though.

5.) Other says that I am too friendly and to dense most of the time. But I want things to be professional.

6.) I like reading about fantasy and there are two stories that I am following right now but the updates are too slow. Right Ean? LyzyLysi

7.) I have a crush here on Wattpad that is also on the same story as me in one of the stories that I am following

8.) My role is always the shut-in type or the ones who keeps sleeping or munching on things.

9.) I love Dark Magic, but for some sort of reason, I was given a light magic somewhere. Hahaah

10.) I just had a Chicken Pox and dreaming if I could spread the virus here on Wattpad

11.) I have a fujoshi mind sometime, but most of the time, it just flies around. :)

12.) I always go for the dark villain that is the hero/heroine's best buddy and likes to stab them in the back when exposed. Wahaahahaha!!!!

13.) I don't know what to write anymore about me

14.) I have a special someone here on Wattpad, though I think that person does not notice me. (NOTICE ME SENPAI!!)

15.) I still don't know when I will have a love life. +_+

16.) Still figuring out why I am still single. Hahaha. I don't know why though

17.) I am a troll most of the time specially when I forgot to drink my sanity med. :)

18.) I am a promoter that is why if you want me to promote your story, I have different ways to promote it in a week.

19.) I am lazy as hell when I felt like it.

20.) And had fan tagging people! :D


When You are Tagged:

1.) Write 20 facts about yourself and post it whenever you like in your page, you could actually add into your story for some trivia of your own

2.) dedicate it to the person who tagged you

3.)Invite others to play the game by tagging them

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