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Everyone is silently digging on their lunch that consists of chinese take-outs and two litre bottles of Coke. Isabelle Lightwood is still snoring in her room. Apparently, using chopsticks is one of the talents Will Herondale doesn't have. Jace snickered at him, then expertly picked an egg roll, dipped it in the sauce, then ate it without letting go as he stares proudly on Will. Will narrowed his eyes on him. Completely ignoring Jem's instructions, Will picked his chopsticks and held it the way Jem taught. He then picked an egg roll, then ate it. He waved his one eyebrow at Jace in satisfaction.

"Beginner's luck." Jace cooed, which made Will's eyes go  narrower. Will stared at his noodles. He then picked on but this time, the chopsticks slipped off his hand, sending the noodles on his jeans.

"Curses!" Will hissed. He took a table napkin and picked the noodles on his lap, then placed the napkin beside his plate. Jem sighed. He retrieved the plastic fork the restaurant has given if there is someone who doesn't know how to use chopsticks and handled it to Will who took it gratefully and began throwing his tantrum on his noodles.

"Told ya'". Jace grinned at Clary. The girl rolled her eyes and leaned across the table to Tessa. "Are Herondales big showoffs?" she hissed at Tessa. Tessa grinned at her. "Really big showoffs."

"Don't speak negative about a Herondale on the table when a Herondale is around." Jace and Will said simultaneously. They then hissed at each other.

"That and their mindset that they are always number 1 on everything." Tessa added.

"I agree with that." Clary commented. She then took her cup and drank the sizzling dark liquid slowly. Jace always thinks he's always the man for the job, though he hates the tasks the Clave are giving them. If you were to be asked to clean a very huge demon nest under a sewer, what would you do? Jace always thinks he is good at everything - which he's not. Clary remembered when her mother 'asked' Jace to prepare the dinner

one time that's supposed to be a chicken stew of some sort. What happened is that instead of having chicken stew for dinner, they had chicken and vegetable flakes. She could remember Luke asking Jace if the chicken and the vegetables did something that offended Jace.

Tessa could really use a good time right now. And she's thankful for the two Herondales here. So much had happen in the last few days she couldn't keep up what is real and what is not.

"Of course I'm number 1 at everything." Will grinned.

"You can't even use chopsticks." Jace pointed out.

"You're too skinny." Will countered.

"Look who's talking."

"Yeah?" Will fired. "I'll bet you would last only for two seconds on an arm wrestling match."

"Wanna find out?" Jace leaned his right elbow on the table with an open hand, inviting Will to put his hand on him.

"Boys." Tessa and Clary hissed. Jace removed his elbow on the table immediately. The two Herondales suddenly became interested in their Cokes.

"And they are very submissive on women." Tessa mused.

Clary grinned.

"It's called being gentleman." Jace defended.

All of a sudden Isabelle Lightwood in her nightgown appeared on the steps, panting, with a very huge grin on her face.

Jace frowned at her. "Simon would be dead if he can see you on that." He gestured to her black nightgown. Isabelle's grin was replaced by a very huge scowl and narrow eyes for a moment when she turned her face at Jace, who's grinning at her. Her grin was back when she tore her gaze by rolling her eyes.

"I recieved a fire message." She said happily, which made Jace frown higher. Recieving a fire message from the Clave is usually a sign of another lame event. Recently they have been recieving missions like, kill a shax demon having a nest on the sewer or kill a succubus demon disguised as a street whore. Jace really hated the second one. Is he so gorgeous that they used him as 'bait' when they can use Alec? Flirting with a whore is one of the last things Jace wanted to do, but a demon whore?  "Why are you so happy on a fire-message?" he asked. "What is it this time? Did The Clave assigned us to kill a demon disguised as a very hot male underwear model?"

"Speak for yourself, Jace." Isabelle barked. "At least I do not keep pictures of bikini models under my bed."

Isabelle is obviously lying, but Clary glared her hardest on Jace, who gave Isabelle a very disgusted look.

"It's not a dumb mission." Isabelle declared. "It's Aline Penhallow's birthday in six days. We should be thankful Jia personally invited us."

Jace was unimpressed. "What's so good on that news?"

Isabelle rolled her eyes. "Why you gotta be so dumb?" She commented. "Birthdays mean parties. And it also says it's a formal party. And since I don't have anything to wear,-"

"Nothing to wear?" Jace said, half laughing. "Isabelle, the last time I took a look on your wardrobe room, there is barely a space for a piece of panties."

Clary stepped on his foot. Jace howled lightly.

"I can make another one." Isabelle defended. "And besides, all the dresses in there were used already on different occasions. Men always like to see women wearing something new."

Tessa, Will and Jem pushed back a laugh. They stared at each other, with one message on their minds: Isabelle reminds them more of Jessamine than Cecily.

"If The Clave hosts a party everyday, then yes. You already used your dresses once." Jace muttered. Isabelle sent him a dirty look but ignored him. "I'm going shopping with Tessa and Clary after lunch."

"Clary could borrow your old dresses." Alec pointed out.

"Please, Alec. I knew better than letting a friend borrow a second hand." Isabelle countered.

Clary blushed a dark red and stared at her noodles.

"Grandma, then." Jace recomended. Tessa doesn't mind, but Will does. "Be respectful, boy." He hissed at Jace who rolled his eyes, muttering something about old people.

"Are you saying something?" Will hissed.



"Anyway..." Isabelle interjected. "I don't want Tessa to borrow a second hand. She maybe my size, but she's too pretty to wear a second hand."

It was Tessa's turn to blush.

"Are you becoming lesbian now, Iz?" Jace sarcastically asked. Isabelle sighed, then went beside Jace, and twisted his ear as hard as she could. Jace yelped and begged Isabelle to stop. Isabelle twisted three more times before letting go.

"What a coincidence." Jem said. All eyes started turning on him. "Me, Tessa and Will are going to the movies after lunch." he said. Tessa and Will gaped at him, obviously not knowing a single thing about that, but nobody seemed to notice.

Isabelle nodded. "That's great. Jace, Alec, you should go as well."

"Why?" Jace and Alec simultaneously asked.

"Women always need escorts." Isabelle said, as if the sentence explains everything.

"We're going to train." Alec reasoned.

"You need a new tux." Isabelle said.

"My tux is fine." he countered.

"If you are not coming, I'm calling Magnus." she warned.

Alec shuddered. Shopping with Magnus is one of the last things he wanted as much as he loves him. Sometimes, Alec thinks that Magnus is dating him because he seems a perfect barbie doll for him. But then, his own sister Isabelle loves to dress him up.

I am a human Barbie Doll. Alec mentally sighed.

Alec raised his hands in defeat. "Alright, I'll go."

Isabelle grinned and went on him, hugging him from behind. Alec could only smile.

"It's settled then." Jem declared. "New York Institute is going on a shopping trip."

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