Chapter 14

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Christmas break is finally here. Finals are over, thank god. I don't think I've ever been that stressed in my entire life. Here I am in Taylor's old beat up Honda Civic enduring the most awkward ride of my life. Taylor and I still haven't made up, I haven't even made an effort but he wasn't exactly blowing up my phone either.

He clears his throat, his grip on the steering wheel tightening. "Look Ryan, if we get home and act like this mom will notice and she will be pissed."

I ignore him and continue to stare out the window. Nothing very interesting out there, I'll tell ya. Cars, cars, and more cars but that's just the interstate I guess.

Taylor proceeds with his one sided conversation. "I'm sorry for assuming the rumors were true. I just couldn't believe you were rooming with that asshole. He gets under my skin very easily."

His words pique my interest.

I look over at him confused. "Why do you hate him so much?"

I know why I do but Taylor's never been one to hold a grudge.

He sighs ,clenching his jaw and squinting like just the thought of it pisses him off. "They live two towns over, Kelis and Nixon, I went to an away game when I played Varsity in high school and he was their quarterback. If you saw him then you would wonder if he really is the same person because he looks completely different, still acts like an asshole though." He groans. "You're going to do a girly squeal when I tell you this but when I saw her on the sidelines bouncing around with her long hair in a ponytail, I swear I fell in love with her. She was pefect, her cheeks were flushed from all the cheering but it just made her even more beautiful. I was so stunned that I literally froze on the field with the football in my hands. I swear it was like slow motion two arms wrapped around my stomach, her mouth popped open as she watched, and the next second I'm slammed onto the ground. Seth tackled me while I was staring at her."

I sit speechless, my mind reeling at his words. Surely this isn't about Kelis, we cannot be talking about Kelis, right? The two despise each other. To her Taylor is like Nixon is to me. That's probably not the best comparison since I willingly kissed Nixon, they do say there's a fine line between love and hate.

Just like Taylor knew I would, I let out an involuntary squeal, "Oh my god!"

He takes a deep breath and sighs. "Don't go jumping to conclusions Ry, it wasn't Kelis." He grimaces like he can't even stomach the thought of the two together.

I'm thankful though, my best friend hooking up with my brother would be pretty awkward.

"That's how I ended up breaking my left arm. I was completely distracted and Seth came at me full force because we were in the middle of a game. When I landed my arm was underneath me at an odd angle and the bone snapped under the pressure of the hit, doubled with the placement."

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