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It wasn't long before we approached the school gates. I walked along the wide concrete path with Armaros and Asher walking each side of me and cast my eyes to the ground as various people began to stare at us as we walked towards the main school building.

"Adria!" shouted Lexi in her usual cheerful manner. 

Instead of tackling me like she usually does, Lexi just approached me at a fast walk, a broad grin spread across her face. 

"Adria?" called Asher, pulling my attention away from Lexi.

I turned to face him to see a small smile tugging at his lips. 

"It been a pleasure meeting you, even if you did knock me over" he laughed grabbing my hand. "I have private matters that I need to discuss with Armaros but I'm sure that this is not the last time that we will see each other," he said sincerely, kissing the top of my hand before looking up at me with a wide grin present of his face.

"Yeah... sorry about that" I smiled.

Armaros rolled his eyes and grabbed onto Asher's arm to pull him away from me.

"Come on Romeo, let's get this over with" he sighed, not letting the boys arm as he walked briskly away from where Lexi and I stood. 

"Who. Was. That?" asked Lexi, as she stared at their departing figures.

"Asher, I think that he's a friend of Armaros'" I explained as I begun to walk up to buildings entrance.

"He's like totally hot, but he also seemed pretty old-fashioned, don't you think?" she questioned, stumbling quickly after me.

"I guess so" I replied, thinking back to the way he talked, especially his lack of slang. 

We walked to our lockers, me in silence, Lexi talking about Scott and how awesome his party was going to be. Just as I slipped my Biology file into my bag my phone buzzed in my pocket. 

Still making sure that I was listening to Lexis excitable chatter, I pulled out my phone and scanned the screen.

Dad: Your mother is taking you down to the shelter tonight to pick out a puppy, but don't worry, you'll still have time to go to that party!

I mentally sighed at my screen, fabulous, not even adopting a new dog could get me out of this party. Accepting defeat at the fact that I had to be a good friend and keep my promises, I allowed excitement to bubble up inside of me.

Me: Ok thank you, can't wait!

"Oh Lexi, I forgot to tell you" I started after I had sent my message, a smile forming at my lips.

"What?" she questioned, her eyes sparkling at my sudden excitement.

"I'm getting a puppy!" I exclaimed gleefully.

Lexi squealed loudly, making me cover my ears as she threw her arms around me and jumped up and down.


"Yeah, I think that you're more excited than me if that's even possible" I laughed, grabbing her shoulders to stop her from moving.

"Do you think that my parents will let me get one too? Just imagine, we could walk them together every day, buy them matching collars, teach them tricks..." she rambled, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

"That would be amazing" I giggled, watching her walk back and forth as she began to construct the points that she would use to ask her parents.

"Miss Darion!" an angry voice bellowed from behind me.

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