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Adira was a completely ordinary girl to society, I guess you could say that she had two different lives.

One where she could be herself, where she could use her gifts without being afraid of getting caught, and another where she pretends that everything about her is in fact, ordinary.

She had played the normal card for such a long time that she had started to forget that she was different, she had finally started becoming the mask that she had spent so much time creating.


Adria's POV:

I awoke to the faint breeze of the cold morning air flowing over my face, I reluctantly opened my eyes and stretched out as far as I could, causing a yawn to escape my lips. 

Pulling myself into an upright position, I threw my legs lazily over the side of my bed and moved stiffly over to my large double glass doors.

I slid them open and stepped onto the balcony to admire the soft golden glow of the sunlight as it cast down through the pines within the surrounding forest in beams of brilliant light. I yawned again, rubbing my tired eyes and turned around to walk back inside, but something caught my attention, two lone flowers lay on the basic little stool that was positioned in the corner of the balcony.

I picked them up for closer inspection and stared at their dainty petals in confusion, one was a deep red colour while the other was a dark purple. I took them inside and hurried over to my desk, pulling out my laptop. They probably grew in the area or something, but regardless, I decided to scroll through an online flower encyclopaedia out of curiosity.

After a good two minutes of scrolling, I finally found a picture that matched the mystery flowers. They were called Anemones and certainly did not grow in the area. I sighed in frustration and slumped down further into my chair.

In reality, it was probably just my mother, nothing new or exciting ever happened here. With that thought in mind, I mentally laughed at my gullible nature while retrieving a small glass of water to put the flowers in, like seriously what did I expect? some random person to climb my balcony and leave two flowers? 

I snapped the lid of my laptop closed and pulled on a pair of simple black denim shorts and a red t-shirt, finished with a navy and burgundy hoodie to keep off the morning chill. I ran a brush through my long, light brown hair that hung down around my hips and put on a small amount of mascara. Peering further into the mirror, I noticed that my emerald green eyes seemed to look brighter than usual, striking me with confusion but I chose not to question it for now and hurried out of my room, making my way down the wooden stairs.

"Thanks for the flowers," I said quickly as I passed my mum on the way to the kitchen.

"What flowers honey?" she questioned popping her head around the door.

I grinned widely and shook my head, she was actually playing dumb, I decided to play along just to make her happy. 

"Ok then, whatever" I mumbled, grabbing a glass out of the cupboard.

My mother, Lynette stood in the doorway for a couple of seconds before she advanced further into the room.

"Here," she said passing me a cereal bar. "I guess you'll want to rush out as soon as possible." 

I accepted it gratefully and ran to the door excitedly, attempting to pull on my well worn black converse as I went. I was planning to go to the one place where I could practice my gifts, I hadn't been there in what seemed like forever so I  jumped at the opportunity to go.

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