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The rest of the day was kind of a blur, I walked around the house aimlessly, occasionally returning to my room to watch a movie or to read a book before revolving back to my pointless wandering. Although my physical appearance looked calm enough, my mind was racing, no matter what movie I watched or what book I chose to read, my mind kept returning to Armaros and the strange flowers.

"ADRIA!" rumbled the voice of my mother.

Waking from a distant daydream I sprang to my feet and jogged over to my door, swinging it open to reply to her.

"Yeah?" I shouted back.

"Can you come down here?"

I let out a small sigh before stepping out of my room, closing the door behind me. I ran swiftly down the stairs and made my way into the living room to see my mother sitting down on the couch next to my father.

"You're home," I greeted with a smile.

He returned my smile and beckoned me to sit on the couch opposite them.

"How was work?" I questioned politely.

"Great, thank you," he replied, taking a small pause before continuing, "Since it is your 17th birthday next week, your mother and I have decided that you are finally responsible enough to have that puppy that you so desperately wanted last year"

"Really?" I responded meekly, both excitement and disbelief welling up inside of me.

They both nodded, each of them displaying radiant smiles in my direction.

"Can I adopt from the animal shelter that I volunteered at last year?" I questioned hopefully.

"That's a wonderful idea, I will ring them right away!" exclaimed my father, seemingly content with my decision to adopt.

He hurried out of the room leaving my me and my mother in the room alone, I quickly scurried over to steal his seat so I could sit next to my mother and thank her once more.

"I'm so proud of you" She smiled, giving me the impression that she wasn't just talking about the adoption.

She leaned over and pulled me into a big bear like hug before releasing me from her hold.

"Now, you better go up to bed, you have school in the morning"

I nodded my head and walked back up the stairs, changing into my nightwear before jumping into the safety and comfort of my bed.

The next morning I jolted awake abruptly due to a bad dream that I couldn't seem to remember, my heart pounded heavily against my ribcage and cold sweat soaked the back of my shirt. I climbed off my bed taking in large but steady slow breaths to calm myself down.

Making my way into the bathroom, I ran a cold shower and cleansed my whole body, my erratic heart rate eventually returning to its normal pace as I grabbed a towel to wrap around myself.

"What is going on?" I asked myself aloud as I stepped out of the shower and stared into my tired green eyes.

My phone began to buzz from the other room, causing me to walk lazily back towards my bedside table. Taking a sidewards glance at the mystery flowers from yesterday I picked it up and stared at its radiant, blinding screen.

'Lexi: Don't forget about Scott's party, I'll meet you there! xoxo'

I sighed heavily as I stared at the words before me before replying,

'Okay, see you there! xoxo'

Lexi was seriously lucky that she has been my best friend since like forever and I would do more or less anything for her, or she would most definitely be going solo to this stupid party. My eyes flicked over to the time to discover that it was 6 am.

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