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"As I was saying, this year's project is based purely around nature," said Mr Gilson, regaining my attention.

I rested my head in my hands and stared at the board behind him, that was displaying different forms of nature in a range of different images.

"You will work in your seated pairs to capture these different forms of nature digitally and then record them in your sketchbooks in whatever media you think is best" he explained, filling me with a small feeling of dread.

I was going to have to work with mystery guy here, who seemed to hate me already by the way, for a whole year! Mr Gilson seemed to notice my now stressed appearance and shot me a smug look.

"The seats that you are currently sitting in are now yours for the whole year" he added while walking across the front of the class.

An involuntary sigh escaped my lips causing Mr Gilson to snap his head in my direction.

"Is there a problem Miss Darion or can I continue?" he asked while raising an eyebrow.

The whole class turned around and fixed their attention on me making me shrink under the pressure.

"No sir" I mumbled feeling my face redden in embarrassment.

He cleared his throat and dusted the surface of his immaculate suit down.

"The photographic side of this project is due in two weeks time" he finished.

As if on cue the bell rang out igniting a spark of relief in my chest.

"Class dismissed," he said before sitting down at his desk.

I immediately sprung to my feet and approached the door, desperate to leave this stupid class.

"Not you Adria" called Mr Gilson just as I just grabbed ahold of the door handle.

I stopped in my tracks and contemplated sprinting down the hallway, before walking back into the class in defeat. He already had it in for me, I didn't need to make matters worse by running.

"Mr Valerius, you can stay too" he ordered, pushing his glasses along the bridge of his nose.

We both approached the desk and waited for his lecture but it wasn't until every student left the room that he finally decided to look up at us.

"As you already know, Mr Valerius here is new to the school. " began Mr Gilson.

Way to state the obvious.

"So, since your going to be working together I expect you to lead the project and show him your work from last year, to give him an idea of what sort of work I'm looking for" he instructed looking between the both of us.

I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from exploding, he was seriously trying to make my life as awkward as he could and why? well because I was bloody late to one of his lessons!

"Yes sir" I replied trying not to expose how annoyed I was right now.

I turned around and walked briskly out of the class, I would have slammed the door for dramatic effect but the mystery guy was walking close behind me and I gathered that that slamming a door in his face wouldn't help the situation. I stepped outside the room and looked up and down the hallway to see that it was completely empty, everyone must already be in lessons.

"My work from last year is at home," I said turning to face him. "I could bring it in for you tomorrow?" I offered, trying my best to avoid his burning blue eyes.

"No need," he said in a low voice "I'll drop by yours after school to see it"

I nodded my head in agreement, realising that I had to ask him his name somehow.

"I'm Adria by the way," I said awkwardly, praying he would respond the way any normal person would.

"Armaros" he replied to my satisfaction.

I gave him a small smile and turned to walk to my next class when I realised that I hadn't given him my address.

"Hey, I forgo-" I began but stopped when I realised that he was nowhere to be seen.

Weird, I guess he had a talent for disappearing too.

The light thudding of my footsteps echoed around the empty hallway, the only other thing that I could hear was the clean ticking of the school clock which was really effective in creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. I approached my locker and tapped in the code before opening it slowly, cringing at the loud creaking that seemed sound twice as loud as usual.

I reached inside to grab my English book but immediately retracted my hand when I grabbed something that definitely wasn't a book. I shook my head and reached back into the locker, picking it up to bring into the light.

When I saw what it was I let out a small sigh of relief, it was just a flower.

Wait, a flower?

I swirled it around to admire its soft cardinal petals, it looked different from the two that I found on my balcony, I didn't think that it was the same type. I decided to discuss it with Lexi later because I didn't want to get into even more trouble, so I grabbed my English book and placed the flower back on top of the stack of other books.

I spent the rest of the day thinking, and talking about the mysterious flowers with Lexi. I know that my mum wanted me to be happy and get a boyfriend or whatever but if she is the one behind this, I think she's taking the whole anonymous guy thing a bit to far, it was really starting to freak me out.

"Personally, I think that you have a secret admirer" teased Lexi as we walked out of the school building.

I weaved my way through the sea of people that were leaving the school and waited at the looming gates for Lexi to catch up.

"Really?" I questioned while shaking my head.

"Is that really so hard to believe?" She smirked.

I knitted my eyebrows together and shrugged my shoulders at her. To be honest, it was hard to believe, I wasn't exactly Miss popular.

"Anyway, you're still coming to Scott's party tomorrow right?" She asked, giving me the sort of look that said I didn't have a choice.

"Yeah I guess so, I'll text you later?" I replied slowly edging my way from the gate.

"Oh, and wear something nice" she instructed.

"Yes sir" I laughed giving her a mock salute.

I turned away from her and began to walk home at a quick pace. I don't know why she as making me go to this stupid party when she knows I hate them, I suppose she didn't want to go alone or whatever but I know for a fact that as soon as we get there she will leave me alone to go hang out with Scott.

I unlocked my front door and walked inside.

"I'm home" I shouted

"Hey honey" came the distant voice of my mother.

I kicked off my shoes and ran up the stairs into my bedroom, I slung my bag down on the floor and jumped onto the centre of my bed.

Today was not how I wanted the school year to start.

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