Till death do us part...

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"H-Hey, GG," I hear a voice say. "What-t a-are you doing up so e-early?"

I noticed Branch had disappeared as I turned around to see Toby, his head violently twitching.

"Hey, Waffles," I say, tapping the whisk on the counter, slightly annoyed. "I'm just trying to make Rivers and Bens Wedding cake..but..I'm gonna burn it and I know it."

"Oh c-c'mon!" Toby says twitching. "If w-we don't get it! We'll ask midnight and Leana for help..........."

"Okay," I say quietly. "Thanks, Waffles."

"N-No P-problem, A-An," Toby whispers, his neck cracking. "L-Lets get start-ted."

"Okay," I say, pulling my phone out, a picture pulled up. "This is what I'm wanting to make."


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"Go ge-Get midnight and L-Leana." He says.

"No, Toby," I say. " I want this to be a complete surprise."

"Listen, I think I know a guy who can help us," I say. "Can I make a call?"

"Sure." Toby says, his eyes turning upward, a smile most likely under see his mouth guard.

"Thanks." I say, pressing my home button.

I go to my contacts and scroll through names, looking for a particular name. It takes me at least three minutes to find the correct name and I click, pressing the phone icon.

~*Ring*~ ~*Ring*~

"MiMi!! Hey!" I say joyfully.

"Hey! AnAn! H-how have you been!?" Mimi Asks happily.

"I've been great!" I say, my voice hushed. "Listen, you can bake, right?"

"Yeah!" Mimi says. "Don't you remember when I made you a Reece's white velvet two tier cake?"

"Oh shit," I say. "Yeah, Listen. Today is my brother, River, and his fiancée's wedding. We need help with a cake. I'll send you a picture of it."

I quickly send Mimi the picture of the cake I want for the wedding then put the phone back to my ear.

"D'you get it?" I ask, shifting my weight to my left leg.

"Yup!" Mimi says. "That might be tricky, but yeah, I can help. I'll be right over!"

"Sweet! Thanks Mimi, cya soon." I say. "Bye!"

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