15. Happy Birthday

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"Oh my gosh guys. What am i going to tell the boys?" I said, letting a tear leave my eye. Eleanor and Danielle came running into the bathroom. They grabbed the test our of my hands. I put my hands over my mouth and took a step back. I sat on the toilet and started to cry into my hands. I couldent believe that i was going to have a human grow inside of me. More importantly, that it was going to be Harry or Zayns as well. Eleanor and Danielle threw the test away and came to comfort me.

"Haley its okay! They will understand! Its not your fault at all!" Eleanor said, pulling me in for a big hug. Danielle grabbed my hand and rubbed my back for comfort.

"It ok, trust me. They wont freak out about it, trust me i know these boys." I looked at Danielle, letting more tears leave my eyes.

"You promise?" I said through sobs.

"Yes. 100% Dont worry at all!" She said, coming closer. I pulled her in so we all had a group hug. 

"When do i tell the boys?" I said. 

"And oh my god WHOS IS IT?!" I said, standing up and pacing back at forth. At this point, i was fucke. I didnt know if i should tell them. There was something that could bring me down today, and this was it.

"We will tell them!" Eleanor sdaid, pointing to her and Danielle. I shook my head.

"No, No. This is my problem. Ill do it." I said, taking a deep breathe. I walked out of the bathroom and headed downstairs.

"Wait, now?!" Danielle called from the top of the stairs.

"I mine as well get it over with!" I said.

"But you just found out let it settle in!" Eleanor called down as well.

"I never wanna have this feeling again. Ill just get it all over with." I called back up. I left them at the top of the stairs and slowly walked into the kitchen, where they were all waiting. I quickly rubbed under my eyes in case there was any running make-up.

"You rea- whoah... Haley have you been crying?" Liam said, getting up from his seat. I slwoly nodded my head, about to cry again. Harry and Zayn stood infront of their seats as Liam and Niall both came up to me, making sure i was okay.

"What? why are you crying? what happened?" Niall said, pulling me towards the couch.

"Harry and Zayn need to be here too." I said, blubbering a little bit. Harry and Zayn slowly walked over to the couches.

"Well... remember that.... fun..... we had?" I said, super slowly. Harry and Zayn slowly nodded.

"Well....we.....forgot to... like... use protection." I said that last part super fast. Harrys eyes just got super wide. Zayn stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. Harry put his face into his palms and Zayn sat back down to do the same. Nialls jaw dropped along with Liams. Their reaction, for some reason, made me super emotional and i started to cry again.

"No, No, No, Haley its okay! we can get through this its okay i promise." Harry said, running over to me and pulling me to the floor with him. He straddled me in his lap and held me super close.Zayn stood up irritated.

"Harry you dont know its yours." Zayn said, standing in front of us. It really pissed me off that Zayn was really going to start this now. But then again, i brought it up.

"Really Zayn? It doesnt matter right now as long as she has our support." He said. Why was Harry acting like this? Maybe he was trying to change because i left him? If it was, I should be running back to him right now.

Louis walked in from the garage door. He put the few bags down and came on the couch to sit where zayn and Harry once were.

"So whats going on?" Louis said with a big smile on his face.

"Hales pregnant..." Liam said, still shocked. Louis stood up angrily.

"WHAT?! AND I MISSE THE ANNOUNCEMENT?! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL YOU BASTARDS!" Louis said. I let out a little chuckle at his stupid sass. Harry looked down at me and smiled.

"Not now Louis." Niall said, Joining us on the floor. Danielle and Eleanor came back downstairs.

"Am i the only one whos PISSED OFF By whats happeneing right now?" Zayn said, taking all the attention.

"Why exactly would you be mad?" Liam said, standing back up.

"Because! THIS ISNT HARRYS KID! It can very well be mine and i should be the one, on the floor, holding the love of my life with her new child. I just can picture how today is going to go. Harry going to finally let out his 'soft side' and im going to be left on the side, forgotten as usual." I got up from Harrys arms and stood in front of Zayn. This crossed the damn line for him.

"You know what Zayn? I didnt picture today to go like THIS at all! You can supoport me by not TAKING ALL THE DAMN ATTENTION! Not EVERYTHING needs to be about Zayn. So thank you Zayn. THIS *Pointing to my stomach* didnt ruin my day. You did." I screamed at him. I pushed him out of the way and ran upstairs crying. I heard someone behind me but i didnt give a fuck who it was right now. I ran into my room, not shutting the door. Liam came in and sat next to me.

"Im sorry." Liam said.

"No its okay. I just expected that to go a bit different, thats all." I said. taking my shoes off. I grabbed my phone and Liam took it.

"I dont think thats a good idea right now." Liam said. I rolled my eyes.

"I just dont get it! why was Zayn acting like that! If anything Harry would have acted like that." I said, staring at the ground.

"Maybe hes right, Harry was going to let out his 'soft side' just to get ahead." He put air quotations around 'soft side' I sat there for a minute. What if he was right? Well there was only one way to find out.

"I dont know... maybe. But i kind of like Harry like this." I said.

"Me too." Liam said. "Personally, i hope hes the father. He would be and amazing father." I smiled thinking about that prank they did a few months ago. They both would be. I shook the thought out of my head.

"If you still wanna go today, We are all downstairs ready when you are." Liam said, walking to the door. 

"Thanks." I said, smiling. He waved and shut the door. He really was an amazing brother. I heard another knock on the door.

"Come in." I said, grabbing my shoes. He oppened the door.

"Great." I said softly, hoping he wouldent hear. 

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