Chapter 13

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Kate's POV

"Where is she!?" I asked while walking around the lobby checking my phone every five minutes. My phone started ringing and I saw Harry's picture pop up. "Harry where is she?! I'm going to miss the flight!" I said but he was trying to talk and he sounded worried. "Kate shut up for two seconds! Your best friend just passed out and is in the hospital and all your thinking about is a stupid flight to London that you can reschedule!" he yelled into the phone. I froze. "She's in the hospital!?" I yelled. "Just get to the hospital ASAP! And I'll explain later." he hung up and everyone was already walking out the door. I followed and got into the black van. She is just a bunch of trouble waiting to happen! Why couldn't she just stay with me? Why did he have to go see that back stabber! I mean their whole thing came in between Niall and I! I really like Niall but I've never been the one to make the first move, so I'm waiting for him. But I'm loseing my train of thought! Audry is in the hospital and there's nothing you can do. What happened!? I ignored everyone's questions until we got to the hospital. We rushed up to her room to find Harry sitting outside with his head between his knees and his hands lost in his curls. He looked up and I could tell he was crying. He was like my older brother and to see him cry broke my heart. I went and sat next to him to try and comfort him. "She's gonna be ok! Even though I have no clue what happened!" I said. He got up and walked into the room. We all followed and looked at my lifeless Audry.

Harry's POV  

I sat there looking at her. She looked helpless and hurt. I just wanted to go up to her and kiss her and whisper to her that everything will be ok. I wonder if she can hear me? Probably not, that's only when your dieing and the doctors said she should be fine. But I'm still scared. I sat there just looking at her. Her dark brown hair was messy and sticky from the blood that had gushed out of her head from when she fell over and hit the window. She started to mutter something and we automatically fell silent. "Hmmm? Don't. I love you too... Hmmm. Harry?" she muttered. The boys and Kate all looked at me and started to get up. "Were gonna go to the cafeteria." I went and sat next to her bed and held her hand. She squeezed it and smiled a little bit. This made me sigh in relief. Was she saying I love you too me? She said Harry, so I'm guessing yes. Kate walked back in and sat on the couch. Her eyes started to flutte open and I could see her beautiful blue eyes. She looked over at me and to our hands. She went to go pull away but I squeezed her hand. Kate noticed she woke up. "Oh your awake! Do you know how worried I was!? You had me worried sick! How would you feel if you got a call from Harry saying I was in the hospital huh?! It sucks!" she said before walking out.

Our hands remained together and she didn't move hers. That had to be a good sign right? I looked at her as she looked around. She took a sharp breath, I'm guessing something hurt. "Careful, you took quite a hit to the head." I said. Her eyes widened and felt her head. It was full of blood which made her pull her hand away from mine and feel her head. "Oh my god! What did I do!?" she asked while feeling all the blood. "You fell over in the cab and hit our head on the window making it break! You have a hard head!" I said while laughing. "Oh my god how big is the scar!?" she asked while closing her eyes waiting for the answer. "Only in your hair, not on your fore head or something." she took a big sigh of relief. "God, you couldv'e told me I banged my head when I was sleeping! I could hear you perfectly!" she said while widening her eyes. I laughed and when she set her arm back down, I reached out and held her hand in mine. She sighed and put her head back on her pillow and looked at the ceiling. I could see tears filling her eyes and it breaks my heart to see her that way. I squeezed her hand as she started to weep in silence. I sat next to her on the bed and put my arm around her. She found her usual spot on my chest and closed her eyes. "Thank you Harry." she said while looking up at me. I was able to pull up the corners of my mouth to make a small smile, but I knew this was only temporary. Shes going back to England once shes out of the hospital. I'll miss this. Her snuggled into my side, while we both fall asleep. I need to talk to her about it... I know she still has feelings for me because of the way she acted at our place. "Hey Audry?" I asked hoping she wasn't asleep already. "Ya Harry?" she asked making my hear race. I started to sit up and sat criss crossed on her bed. She mirrored my actions like she always does. "We need to talk." I bluntly said. She looked down at her hands and sighed. "I know." the words came out blankly. There was a second of silence but I changed that. Harry just tell her how you feel! Ok, here it goes. "So. I don't know exactly how else I should say I'm sorry. I mean, I sat outside your door for three strait days, I sang to you through the door, I brought you back to our place, and I even submitted you to the hospital... But you still wont forgive me for breaking up with you so you wouldn't get hurt, but I guess that really didn't work... I guess can you at least explain to me why you wont forgive me?" I said as her piercing blue eyes looked right at me. She looked down at her hands and then back up to me. "I guess its cus when people do something, bad I guess, it's like hard to gain trust again. Like, I would never go date one of my ex's. But with you, I feel like I'm torn in two pieces! Half of me misses you and the other just says go away! And I don't know which to pick..." she trailed off. I could tell she was thinking. "Follow your heart." I said while looking deep into her eyes. She looked at me and just sat there. I decided it was the right time. I leaned in and kissed her sweetly. At first she kissed back, but she pulled away and got off the bed while putting her hands on her head like she was concentrating. "No. I cant do this. Harry, we can be friends for now. But I cant do this." she said. I felt a sadness come over me, but I remembered that we can still be friends. "Ok even though it's not good enough for me, we can be friends. Now lets watch a movie." I said. She smiled and it was lovely to see her smile again! I figure, I made her fall in love with me once and so I know I can do it again. I just have to figure out how...

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