Chapter Twenty-Six

*Roughly 3 Weeks Later*

Annabelle's Point of View

I took a deep breath, then left my house and headed towards Alex's. It was the last Friday of June, the day before the guys' second show of the summer. Tomorrow night, All Time Low will be playing at The Glass Castle, with four other bands. Those bands are, in the order they will be playing: Last Tuesday, Playing With Fire, Crash Test Beauty, All Time Low, and The Dead Ones.

Here, let me fill you in on the last three weeks: Since the night of their last show, when I told Zack what happened to me and he asked me to be his girlfriend, we've been inseparable. The guys were more than happy that we were together, along with Zack's parents and my mom.

We hangout every day, and it's not really any different then before we dated, except now we kiss and hold hands, which I love. The last three weeks have been amazing; Zack showed me this skate park he skates at, called Wasteland, and he's been teaching me some moves on my skateboard there.

When he and I aren't with the guys, we're at my house, or his. We've been to a few of Matt's parties, but we usually don't stay long. Last weekend, the guys, me, Mary Anne, and Emma all spent the day at Casper's Lake, which was awesome.

But anyway, now that today's the last day before their show tomorrow, Matt wants the guys to practice today, so that's why I'm heading to Alex's at ten in the morning. The other guys are supposed to be there soon.

I reached Alex's front door, and opened it and walked in. Over the past few weeks, his house has pretty much become my second home, so it's not a big deal that I just walk in. "Alex?" I called as I walked out of the summer heat and into the cold, air conditioned house. I shut the door behind me.

Suddenly, I heard a female voice from above me. "Who are you?" I looked up the stairs, and standing at the top was a short, skinny, overly tan girl, with black, messy hair. She was wrapped in a bed sheet, and after a second, I realized it was the one from Alex's bed. "Uh, I'm Annabelle, who are you?" She smiled. "I'm Marissa." She took a few steps down the stairs, then stopped.

"Why are you here?" she asked. Her voice wasn't rude or mean; she just sounded genuinely curious. "The guys have practice today, and we're all supposed to meet up here." She cocked her head to the side. "Practice? Oh! Right! I forgot Alex was in a band!" She giggled into her hand, careful to use the other to hold up the sheet. "Yeah, um, do you know where he is?"

She pointed behind her. "He's in bed. He's still a little tired after last night." Marissa giggled into her hand again. "Uh, right," I said awkwardly, hoping she didn't mean what I knew she meant. "He's tired because we had a lot of sex last night," she clarified with a laugh. I was starting to sense that this girl was a bit of an airhead.

"That's...great," I replied. She laughed again as she walked down the rest of the stairs and met me at the bottom. She stood there, and stared at me, like a child at a TV screen. "You're, like, really pretty," she said. "Thanks." She continued to stare at me. "No, really, you're like naturally pretty. Do you even have makeup on?" I shook my head. Since I'd gotten with Zack, he had convinced me I looked better without it, so I hadn't been wearing it.

"Wow. I'm jealous. Guys must be all over you all the time," she paused and sighed, "I bet even Alex is." I shook my head. "No, no, it's not like that with me and Alex. We're just friends. Besides, I have a boyfriend." Marissa nodded. "Oh. Cool. I gotta pee. Nice talking to you, Annabelle," she said before disappearing down the hall and into the bathroom.

I turned and headed up the stairs, intent on asking Alex what the hell he was doing. I reached his room, where he was lying on his bed on his stomach, bare-naked, ass up. I smacked his ass as hard as I could with my hand, and he groaned and jumped up. I quickly shielded my eyes.

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