Chapter Eight : The Hunt Begins

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Chapter Eight

The Hunt Begins

“Hunters?” I asked in is disbelief. “ What are hunters?” 

“Hunters just saved your –“  said Michael. The oldest cut him off, “Michael! Enough.” 

“What he asked,” Michaal said. “I don’t care shut up.”  I had been in the room with then for a while and I didn’t like Michael. He was arrogant. All of then wore black shirts and jeans. Anyway I sat there unsure of what to say to that. It was true, they had saved me, but I wasn’t going to admit I was thankful to him. He was already to proud of himself.   I looked at them,“ Okay fine. You still haven’t answered my question. What are hunters?”  The oldest rubbed his chin and looked at the girl. I tapped my foot impatiently. She nodded and said, “ We hunt things. Evil things like we told you.” “

            “ Ya I get that but how. “ I asked. Michael shook his head and said, “ vampires – cut there heads off or stake ‘em with a wooded stake. Werewolfes – silver  bullet. Demon – exercise  them . Ghosts dig up the bones salt and burn them.  And those are just a few.”  “Michael if you don’t shut up I’m going to salt and burn you!” The oldest one said, “ By the way I’m John, and this is Samantha, but we call her Sam” “ Joey short for Josef.”

            “ Ya so I’ve heard.” John said. Michael stood up , “not that sitting here explaining all this to you isn’t fun, but don’t we have a monster to be hunting.”  

            “I want to help.” I said as they turned to leave. “ That thing hurt my sister I want revenge.”  Michael was laughing and Sam was staring at him. “ No, it’s to dangerous. Besides,” He said to me then looked at them,” It’s probably long gone anyway.”  Sam looked at me and said, “ sorry about your sister, she seemed like a good kid.” “Excuse me, your giving up ?!”, I said then looked at Micheal, “ What happened to ‘we can take on any thing’.” I said in a mocking voice.  John cut him off before he could say anything, “Joey, no means no.”  I stood up almost nose to nose with him, “ I want to help. Now either you can let me help you, or I can find it on my own.”

             Michael was staring at me, “ your crazy… if you think we are going to risk your life after saving it just so you can satisfy your petty desire for revenge you’ve got another thing coming.”  I bit my lip, arguing was getting me no where with these people. And I wasn’t good at pleading. SO the only other option I had was bargaining.  I opened my mouth to say something but there was nothing I had to bargain with. Wait  Amy! “ What if I could help you find a demon at the school?”

             Michael shook his head and smiled, “ you mean that pitiful excuse for a demon Amy. We took care of her a few days ago.”  I smirked, “ oh really cause I seen her yesterday and she looked alive and well.”  His smile faulted, “ are you serious ?”  I nodded, “ as a heart attack.” John crossed his arms, “ Why should we believe you.” I had to play this right. One wrong move and they’d leave and I’d be left to my own devices. “ Believe me don’t believe me. It’s you choice.” He sighed,“Fine.  You win where is she.”

“I’ll tell you after we  kill that Shtriga.” This was good, at least I’d won this battle.  “Okay lets go, you too Joey if you still want to help.” Michael’s mouth dropped and Sam stared in disbelief. “ You CAN’T be serious. You’re taking him with us. Arg” Michael complained. John gave him a look that said just drop it.

We walked out to their  Chevy Camaro. They put their guns in the back, and I stood there not

sure what to do. Then I seen the arsenal in the truck and thought what have I gotten myself in to?  

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