Chapter Seven : Revelations

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Chapter Seven


            I sat downstairs flipping through the TV stations.  Animal planet? No. TruTV? No. Hell’s kitchen reruns? I think so. Being that there was nothing else on I watched the wicked Chef Gordon Ramsey curse and holler at a woman with blonde hair about her raw steak  “ Its bloody raw!!” Ramsey yelled throwing the pan across the kitchen.” Get out of my kitchen you incompetent pig!”

            “That man may be harsh, but I bet he could cook for the Gods.” My grandma said from the hall way. “He’d have to,” I said, “because he’d find fault with the Gods food if they made it.”  “Ah, truer words were never spoken maybe.” She chuckled. “So why are you up Joey? Shouldn’t you be in bed? You have school tomorrow.”

            I shrugged, “I suppose. I’m just not tired. Maybe it’s just the nap I took on the couch earlier.”  We stayed up for a while watching Ramsey insult the chefs who scurried around like scared mice. Then my Grandma got up and when to the kitchen. After she got something to eat she told me her and grandpa were going out tonight  and not to stay up too late. “ At midnight?” “Yep. Seniors night at the White Horse Country Club.” I watched another rerun and then looked at the clock. 11:59. I laid down on the couch.  I hoped to sleep without dreaming. Epic Fail.

            I dreamed I was in school, the gym to be exact, shooting hoops with Eric. When he dropped the ball and looked at me. “Dude what’s wrong.” “ Joey – ”      I woke up to the screaming from Kays room. I flew up the stair, taking two steps at a time.  I got to her door and tried to open it, but it was locked. I stepped back and kicked it as hard as I could and it popped open.  I saw Kay laying on her bed. “Kay! Wake up.” I screamed and shook her. My grandma walked in. Tears streamed from my eyes. “Kay! Wake up.” I whispered. My grandma looked at me and whispered, “get help.”

            We spent the rest of the night and most of the next day on the ICU. They told us we should go home and get some rest but I refused to leave my sisters side. The doctor told us she was in a coma, and not the first patient of her age in the hospital under similar circumstances. Apparently something was causing children to fall under a coma mysteriously.  After listening to the doctor talk to Grandma I learned the first two were siblings, and the second two were, adopted in the same family. This is what made them think it was contagious. This then prompted my Grandma to half drag me out of the hospital in fear I’d catch it too. I put up a good fight, but my Grandma plus three nurses were just too powerful to fight without hurting myself or one of them, so I gave up.

            I lay in bed unable to sleep. I kept thinking about Kay and if she was going to be alright. I was about to fall asleep when my cell rang. I picked it up and seen the number was blocked.  I opened it and said,” Hello, Who is this?”

            It was the mystery man. “ Get out of your room now!.”  “Wait what?” “Run. You idiot get out. Unless you want to and up like Kayla.”  As I looked up a seen a branch like hand in the window, and instinct took over. I ran like I’ve never ran before. As soon as I got down stairs a group of three people ran through the door and up the stairs. I heard the muffled shots of guns and when I see a black hooded figure scale the side of the house, and run across the yard before disappearing in the alley across the street. Omg! What the heck was that.  The three came down stairs. Surprisingly I recognized them from the school. They stood there and looked at me. The one in front stepped forward.  They all wore black clothing and carried handguns.  There were two guys and a girl. The guy who had stepped forward and said, “Do… Not…I repeat…Do…Not tell anyone what you saw tonight.”

            “Okay. But only if you tell me what exactly it was I saw.” I said puzzled. “They all exchanged looks and then the other two nodded. “Fine,” he said reluctantly, “but you better sit down.”

 “Okay so the thing that you saw was a Shtriga. It steals life energy. Usually from children and siblings or kids of the same house.  We aren’t sure why it would have attacked you though, you’d usually be too old for it.” When I looked puzzled the girl piped up, “ usually it attacks kids from 5-15 and fifteens pushing it. Kay was an easy target because of the trauma of losing her parents, but even so she was almost too old to fit the description.” The other guy kind of laughed and said, “luckily we discovered that age wasn’t as important as we had thought or you’d been a Shtriga’s midnight snack.”

            “Okay so either you guys are crazy, or I’m crazy.” I said. To be honest I was starting to freak out.  This can’t be happening. It’s not possible.  They spent the rest of the night explaining to me about the secret world of monsters and demons. Thought they didn’t mention Amy, when they spoke of demons the oldest gave me a knowing look.

            “Metaphorically speaking everything you say is real. What can you do about it?” I asked. The other guy who introduced his self as Michael said, “ it is  real, and we kill them.”  “Kill them?”  “Yes.”

“So If you…kill them, how?” I asked. “Well it’s different for almost every creature.” “Okay, oh and who are you anyway?” Michael looked at the oldest who said, “ I guess  you could call us hunters.”


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