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Alexis's POV-

Draco stared longingly after Skyler as she and I glided through the mass of swaying bodies, the hem of my dress dramatically billowing out behind me whereas Skyler's clung tightly to her. As we did so I could feel almost every eye upon us. It wouldn't be being vain if I said we looked spectacular, what with Skyler's makeup skills and my hair talents.

A large mirror, encrusted with diamonds reflected our elegance as we ventured over to stand beside the punch. I had woven my hair into a plaited up-do to highlight the design on my dress. Skyler, on the other hand, had allowed me to create flowing waves with her thick, brown hair.

"Everyone is looking at us." Skyler said, smiling.

"I know. It must be your necklace." I said whilst flashing her a grin.

She glanced down at my birthday present; I had chosen to give her an emerald necklace which was currently glistening in the flames of the hovering, snow-white candles.

"Of course." She exclaimed with a wink but her face fell when she saw Draco dancing with Pansy.

"Don't worry," I assure her, "let them dance together. They deserve each other."

Her eyes became slightly watery. "But I still like him."

I sighed "Stay here!"

She looked at me, confused but I just smiled at her before turning on my heel. The crowd slowly parted to let me pas before slipping back into their original position. I spotted Draco whirling pansy round on the dance floor whilst she giggled childishly. Honestly, did he feel no shame?

I stalked towards them, stopping only a few centimeters before them and noisily clearing my throat. Parkinson turned.

"What do 'YOU' want?" She sneered.

I dismissed her question and looked Draco in the eye. "Can I have a word please?"

He nodded and said "Sure come on," whilst guiding me across the floor.

I glanced back and saw Parkinson gritting her teeth and becoming slightly red. As Malfoy and I came to a halt a little way beyond the entrance to the Hall, I turned to him, raising my eyebrows accusingly.

"What the hell is going on? I thought you like Skyler! You could at least have had the decency to tell her you wanted to break up before you threw yourself at Parkinson!" I roared.

His eyes flashed with fury for a mere second before they became frustrated. "I told you. I never kissed her, well I did but not intentionally. One minute it was sky the next it was her! I don't know how she done it but she did! It took me a while to build a trust with Skyler, do you think I'd throw it all away for 'that'!"

I searched his eyes, knowing they held truth and truth only. I then let my mind ponder when I conclusion suddenly fought its way into my crowded mind.

"She used Polyjuice potion. It must be! Which is why one minute she was Skyler and the next herself. The effects must have worn off "

Draco looked stunned for a moment before recognition dawned on his face but before he had time to reply Parkinson herself stepped around the corner- looking alive with fury. She jabbed a finger into my chest.

"You pathetic little nerd! Just because you have no life of your own doesn't mean you have to ruin everyone else's. No wonder you're a half-blood. I hope the dark lord takes you out first, well after Autumn and Potter of course."

I lunged for her and neither Draco nor Zabini, who has just appeared out of no way, attempted to stop me. Dismissing my wand, which was stowed away in a secret slit inside my dress, I drew back my arm and punched her square in the face. She fell back against the wall clutching her nose. I narrowed my eyes.

"If you ever talk about me or any of my friends like that again, I swear I'll do much more than that!"

She glared at me before advancing forward and raising her hand, preparing to slap me. She brung it down and I was just about to slide out of harm's way when a hand caught her attack in mid-flow. I glanced up expecting to see Draco but instead my eyes widened as I realised it was Blaise Zabini.

"I-I-umm- thank you." I said uncertainly.

I never heard his reply as there was a sudden rainbow of students flowing out of the great hall and when it finally disappeared I noticed Parkinson had vanished along with them.

"Maybe she-" I was cut off by a loud shriek.

"Skyler!" Draco and I said in unison before sprinting into the great hall which was now completely vacant apart from two people.

I gasped as the scene unfolded in front of me. Skyler's expensive dress was covered in bright red punch and her necklace, my special birthday present to her, lay scattered in pieces across the floor. My eyes flickered to Parkinson who, with an odd-shaped bloody nose, was smirking widely.

"You absolute monster!" I screamed as I watched Draco wrap a distraught Skyler in a tight, comforting hug whilst glaring at Parkinson.

"What? All I did was improve something which most definitely needed improving. Yes, she still looks like an ugly pig but at least that awful thing is gone from her neck."

"That is it!" I said and I whipped out my wand before screaming "Petrificus Totalus!" just as three other voices cast their own spells. Pansy soared throw the air, her eyes wide with terror before dropping to the ground with a sickening thud and lying still.

My head whipped round to see Skyler, Draco and Blaise with their wands raised above their heads.

Skyler turned to Draco smirking before leaning forward and mistletoe blossomed out of nowhere.

"I guess I should take her to the hospital wing."  I whispered to Blaise who was standing next to me.

He hesitated before nodding. "I'll help."

Blaise and I walked side by side out of the hall, a levitated Parkinson floating creepily behind us.

Tonight I would savour the sweet smell of revenge; tomorrow I would face the consequences.

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