Chapter 2

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"Wake up!"

My father's voice was so loud and intimidating, that I actually fell off my bed when I heard him. I quickly glanced towards the clock and noticed I only have twenty-five minutes to get ready. When my father noticed I was awake, he stalked out of my room and slammed my door shut. I took that as my cue to jump up off of the ground and spring towards the bathroom so I could take a quick shower.

Once I was out, I barely even had time to do anything with myself. Instead of drying and straightening my hair, I put it up in a ponytail and only left my bangs down. The only makeup I put on was cover up and a little eyeliner before exiting my room and rushing towards my dresser. Finding a pair of skinny jeans, white Pikachu shirt, and a zip-up sweater, I hurriedly put them up and zipped my sweater up halfway. I always liked when my shirts were showing, especially if there was something on them. And it was Pikachu of all things; I had to show him off.

When I was sure I was all ready, I grabbed my bag and headed down the stairs. I had no time to eat anything, so I rushed to the door in hopes I'd still make it to school in time. Before I could even reach the knob though, I heard my mother clear her throat behind me. Letting out a sigh, I turned around and gave her a look. "Mom, I'm going to be late!" I told her.

"You're not going out looking like that!" She shouted back, pointing her finger at me.

I rolled my eyes. "But mom if I don't leave now, then I'll be late for school. I can't be late." I explained, hoping she would get it. I had a twenty-minute walk to school, I needed to leave.

"I don't care. You march up those stairs right now young lady and make yourself look presentable!" She scolded.

"But, mom!"

"No but's! Now!"

I sighed heavily and cursed under my breath as I set my bag down and headed back up the stairs to my room. When I got into the bathroom, I pulled my hair out of the ponytail and quickly plugged in my hairdryer. It took about five minutes for my hair to be perfectly dry, so I plugged in my straightener while I put more makeup on. I added mascara and a gray sparkly eye shadow before my straightener was all the way hot.

I couldn't believe she was making me do this. Well I could, but I was still angry. If I was late to school, my father would find out and be extremely furious. I couldn't win with this one. The least she could do was drive me, but I had already heard her and my father leave five minutes before.

When I finally finished, I looked at the time and almost started crying. I had six minutes before school started, so I would be late for sure. Usually kids wouldn't feel upset about this sort of thing, but to me it was terrible. It just gave my father another reason so scream at me.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed my bag, then headed out the door. There was no use for me to run to school considering I'd be late anyway. I tried to calm myself on the way there, but nothing was working. I'd get yelled at by the teacher for being late, feel like a fool in front of the class, think about the how angry my father would be when I got home, then have to deal with it at the house. This day was not going to be good at all.

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